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These Unique Pool Landscaping Ideas Will Rock Your World in Hollywood

Are you one of the people who just know Hollywood as a neighboring city to Miami? Well, there are lots of fun and exciting places to visit as a family. One of them dates back to the 1930s! Before you roll your eyes thinking “historical sites”, you’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll have at the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. It’s perfect for strolling, biking, jogging, and cycling- perfect for both the young and old. From it, you’ll enjoy the view of the breathtaking ocean. And all this while enjoying some nice treats from the Broadwalk restaurant and Grill.

Now imagine having a taste of all that awesomeness right in your yard, next to your pool? With some thoughtful pool landscaping, you can have the time of your life right at home. Here are some ideas to consider.

Nature-inspired Pools

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One of the unique characteristics of the beach is its natural design. And if you’re a nature lover, you sure will love the fresh feel of the beach. Guess what? You can transform your pool area into a nature hub.

Take inspiration from nature by landscaping with rocks, trees and overgrown grasses

If you are not one for a traditional pool area, then consider a more natural landscape for your outdoor swim. Today’s natural pools – or swimming ponds as they are often known – are welcomed into the border garden, whether in a formal setting of lawns, surrounded by flowers and grasses, or even made to look like a natural garden pond. For a rugged appearance, lay down plenty of misshapen rocks, pebbles and limestone. The main highlight of a rock garden is the quiet, zen-like aesthetic they add to your backyard.

Highlight a rectangular pool with flower beds and border

Whether planted in raised beds or straight into the ground, flower beds can make exceptional dividers for a garden path around a backyard pool. This is especially the case when you bring tall, architectural plants into the mix. It’s a beautiful way to establish the boundary of a walkway – and to zone off your pool area from the rest of the garden. What’s more, it will continue to offer color and structure throughout the seasons – even when the pool is not in use. Read more at Homes and Gardens

You can never go wrong with nature!

Shapely Pools

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The shape of your pool has a lot to do with the final look. Different shapes bring out different effects. So, ensure your pool landscaping design works well with your ideal shape.

Rectangular pools are timeless, classy, and professional. Most sports stadiums and professional locations across the world use large, rectangular-shaped pools to help swimmers achieve their greatest feats. Not to mention it’s a great way to expand your backyard and utilize its space most efficiently. A rectangle gives the appearance of a larger space, and it can really work to open up your backyard, inviting in the natural space…

When building a rectangular pool, you can incorporate an elevated brick border to make it pop and to add a sense of variety to your backyard. Plus, this will give your pool the nested look, making it very dynamic. This is a great way to make a rectangular pool more exciting by emphasizing its geometric points. Read more at Sebring Design Build

You can also consider a circular one with natural stones to create a natural feel.

Space-Maximizing Pools

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Some homeowners rule out the possibility of having a pool because their yards aren’t big. Don’t fall into this trap. These ideas will make the most of your space and you’ll have the luxury of a private pool at home with amazing landscaping ideas to complement it.

Install an In-Ground Plunge Pool

An Olympic-size pool may be out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a nice dip in cool water even with minimal yard space. When you are landscaping a small backyard in a hot climate, consider building a plunge pool—a shallow pool designed for lounging rather than swimming. On average, it costs $20,000 to install a 6-by-12-foot plunge pool. But, if you want to spend time in your yard on steamy summer days, it may be well worth the investment…

Build a Decking Around an In-Ground Spa

If a hot tub is more practical than a pool in your climate, you can still go the in-ground route, which offers the added benefit of keeping the visual space open and making the yard feel larger than it is. By building a custom deck around a hot tub, it can feel like a destination for hanging out whether you are in or out of the water. Read more at Forbes

There are lots of ideas on pool landscaping that you would want to look at before you make your choice. Work with an experienced landscaper for the best alternatives. After all, you want your investment to be worth every dime, don’t you?

At EPS Landscaping and Tree Service, we will give you a listening ear, consider your dreams and create the perfect pool landscaping for your home. Call us today to get started.