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EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC, located in the Pembroke Falls community,  has a vast array of landscaping services available to local customers in Pembroke Pines and the greater Broward County FL area. Many offer customized solutions and bilingual specialists, while some are family-owned, making residents feel comfortable and valued. Local homeowners and businesses have a great selection of landscaping companies to choose from when they search “landscaping near me“, provided that they understand the fine details of working with these services.
Landscaping services near me in Broward County Florida
Here, we lay out our expert opinion on choosing landscape design and projects while working with a company that aptly fits your expectations.

Landscape Design

Landscaping design refers to modifying the appearance of outdoor space. Softscape refers to how plants can add to an outdoor space.

Not only does landscaping your Pembroke Pines FL property add aesthetic appeal, but it also raises its value. Your style choice will depend on the outdoor space’s purpose, like incorporating a dining area onto your patio for entertaining guests. The planning process usually involves having a rough outline, taking the necessary measurements, and seeing which designs will fit where.

Landscape architecture is slightly different as it’s the art of planning and designing an outdoor area as a whole. This may be on a college campus, an urban park, or a nature preserve. A landscape architect has to understand the surrounding ecological and soil conditions to create a well thought out plan for professional installation by a Pembroke Pines landscaping services contractor.

Tropical Landscaping in Pembroke Pines FL

As a Pembroke Pines resident, you’re probably quite familiar with tropical landscaping. Due to Florida’s humid climate and region, it’s the perfect environment for this unique landscape design, which relies heavily on tropical plants.

Tropical landscaping may be more complicated to map out than other landscaping types due to using multiple kinds of plants that require varying methods of care. Factoring in sunlight and distance between plant pots is a smart first step to turning your garden into a lush paradise.

Here are some popular features of a tropical landscape:

  • Big, vibrant leaves
  • Water features like a pool or a small waterfall
  • Lava rock
  • Island decor, such as hanging lights or tiki torches

One useful tip is to buy plants that are locally sourced and available in Pembroke Pines area nurseries. Reducing plants’ time in freezer storage will extend their longevity. Some plants that are naturally suited to low-water tropical settings are birds of paradise, daylilies, plumeria, rose of sharon, and zephyranthes.

Placing plants together with similar watering requirements will save water costs, while opting for artificial grass in place of natural grass conserves the water for your other plants. A rain sensor paired with an automatic irrigation system saves your water during rainy weather.

Pool Landscaping

Photo of pool landscaping by EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLCThere’s no better way to escape the Florida heat than enjoying an afternoon in your backyard pool. While in-ground pools are a common site in residential areas, they often lack landscaping to make them inviting or aesthetically pleasing. Not only is pool landscaping another way to beautify your home, but it’s an easy way to add privacy to a pool area.

Tropical landscaping naturally complements pool landscaping. Not only do the tropical plants enhance the swimming pool area, but they are typically low-maintenance. Hiring a landscaping professional will not only help you ensure that the area nearby your pool looks great, but that it also meets your needs.

We recommend choosing landscaping features that are low-maintenance, are safe around pets and children, and won’t become a tripping hazard near the pool. We also encourage choosing landscape elements that will offer shade and privacy.

Landscape Installation

Depending on the scope of the project, landscaping installation can take an afternoon or a few weeks. Some projects require architectural consulting depending on their complexity, while you should make sure that the company you are working with has the credentials to fit your needs.

The main goal of landscape installations is to add decor to the home’s exterior that makes it look renovated enough to stand out. Plants are often what is being installed, requiring you as the customer to ask for additional services such as preferred kinds of fertilizer, watering methods, and frequency of pruning.

Work with a Pembroke Pines FL landscaping team that is professional, will always consider your design ideas, and will offer alternatives and feedback when necessary. Whether you’re replacing trees in your yard, sprucing up your lawn, or creating a quiet space by the pool, a landscaping services project manager will ensure that your requests are valid and realistic to begin with.

Sod Installation

sod installation near meSod installation is the answer to a healthy and impressive-looking lawn. Even though it costs an average $800 for an installation covering 1000 square feet and you will not be allowed to walk on it for around a week, the final result is worth the costs.

Although most homeowners can lay sod themselves, hiring a professional takes the stress off doing a thorough job. Consistent irrigation after the job is done is mandatory, and so is fertilizing the lawn after each mow.

Various installation plans offer additional services such as raking, sod removal and disposal, and rototilling. Consequently, you will get more for your buck if you are willing to do so.

Artificial turf is another option that requires less maintenance and doesn’t require water, which could save on lawn sprinkler system costs.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance refers to ensuring that your landscape maintains a fresh appearance. This does not involve changing any scenery or other plans (that is landscape management), but if you need to simply preserve a specific landscape design, arranging a regular maintenance of your landscape is in order.

Landscape maintenance may not be enough during Florida’s rainy season. Even so, consistency is extremely beneficial.

A good tip is to focus on problem spots on your landscape, such as dry plants in hot weather, meaning that you should be closely observant, even when your schedule says that there is no need for immediate maintenance.

Need Commercial Landscaping in Pembroke Pines?

If you are looking to spruce up your business’s image, commercial landscaping is an excellent way to attract more customers. Not only do commercial landscapers install necessary equipment and decor, they can also offer your business monthly maintenance repairs and check-ups.

Plants are not only popular, but affordable and easy to care for. Adding just a few plants or shrubs near the front of your business can greatly improve the façade.

Commercial landscape design can also do a lot to boost your image, but these types of projects typically require more time and planning. A landscaper who specializes in commercial landscaping will guide you through all the steps, from planning to figuring out a sustainable maintenance plan.

Benefits of Hiring Landscaping Professionals

Any experienced and qualified landscape specialist is beneficial, due to their expertise of native and low-maintenance plants, local laws in Florida’s various neighborhoods, and their professional tips on designing your landscape.

front yard landscaping near me in Broward County FLPaying attention to the expertise of the landscape company you have chosen is a must. There is much to gain from these services, from creating a space for family gatherings to a welcoming business environment.

There are many designs you can choose from. Opting for a tropical theme can pair exceptionally well with pool landscaping. Lush scenery is perfect for hosting gatherings, providing a sense of calm to your busy routine, or even just having a beautiful backyard to gaze out at.

Another great reason to use landscaping services is to raise your property’s value. If you have just bought a house or business, preparing for a future sale by beautifying its landscape is a smart financial move. This prospect will most likely lower any hesitation you could have over covering a considerable upfront cost.

If you are a business, the returns on your investment come much sooner than just a future sale. Customers are prone to entering a store that is aesthetically pleasing (has curb appeal) on the outside. Also, your landscape is an excellent opportunity to project your values onto the surrounding community. Signs will attract more attention when decorated with physical objects and plant life.

When ordering a landscaping Pembroke Pines project, make sure to remember the recurring costs that come along with maintenance and management. Fortunately, technology has made landscaping worth more than just its superficial appearance.

Incorporating energy-efficient features and smart technology like voice recognition and motion sensors adds to the property’s present and future values. The American Society of Landscape Architects has recommended investing 10% of your property’s value into landscaping costs.

Studies have also found that landscaping “can add up to 14 percent to the resale value of a building, and speed up its sale by 6 weeks.” Spending only 5% of your home’s value on landscaping will result in an at least 150% return on your investment. Plants that primarily offer shade also potentially lower average energy costs by at least 20%.

Free Estimates for Landscaping Services

If you’re interested in planning your first landscaping project or continue improving your curbside appeal, give us a call. Here at EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC, we analyze your exact needs, develop affordable landscaping solutions, and provide you with free estimates for all of our landscaping and tree trimming services.

Our job is to take away the stress that comes with being faced by a deteriorating outdoor space that is supposed to reflect your family or business values. Appearance is the priority, which is why we do a spectacular job for each of our clients.

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is a family-owned business operating in the South Florida Tri-County area for over twenty years. We specialize in landscaping design, lawn care, lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, palm tree services, tree trimming, lawn sprinkler irrigation systems, and outdoor pest and weed control services.

We additionally factor in weather patterns when maintaining our customers’ trees, a testament to our well-prepared and forward-thinking planning process. Our clients’ safety is our utmost concern, especially when storms in the Florida area can cause major damage and run up hefty repair costs.

Our goal is to help all customers see their landscaping vision come to life. Contact us today to have a consultation or receive a free estimate for our landscaping services in Pembroke Pines FL.

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