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Lawn Sprinkler Services

Irrigation and sprinkler systems can make an enormous difference in the health of your lawn, especially in hot, sunny areas like Broward County Florida. Here at EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC, we’ll equip you with the best irrigation system to suit your needs. We also help to maintain your Pembroke Pines FL irrigation systems with our sprinkler repair and winterization services.
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Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation systems start with a survey of your South Florida property. One of our experts will come out to your home and run some tests. In the process, they will divide your property into zones based on how much water each area of your yard needs. For example, garden beds may need more water (and different types of sprinklers) than your lawn.

A rain sensor is a very helpful feature to have in Florida. A rain sensor will tell your sprinkler system when it’s okay to turn on and when your property is already wet enough. During wet times of the year, your sprinkler systems may not need to work much at all.

A fully-featured irrigation system complete with rain sensors might seem like a luxury purchase, but if you hand-water your yard regularly, you might just find that an irrigation service system can pay for itself over time. Smart irrigation services can help prevent issues like:

  • Overwatering
  • Underwatering
  • Uneven watering
  • Mushy lawns
  • Inefficient water use

Sprinkler systems aren’t as complicated as you might think, either. Today’s sprinkler systems require minimal trenches, and as such, minimal damage to your yard. Because the sod in your yard can be removed for construction and replaced afterward, you may not even be able to tell that irrigation service took place!

Your sprinkler system is made up of three main parts: the pipes, the pump, and the sprinklers. Your irrigation system pump is the power behind your sprinkler system. It draws water from your source and directs it through the system.

Your irrigation system pipes are what brings the water to different areas of your yard. The size of your water pump is influenced by how much pipe and how many sprinklers are a part of your irrigation system.

While your irrigation system itself is incredibly important, as you already know, Florida can be very wet, depending on the time of year. Some months, you may need drainage more than sprinklers. If necessary, drainage channels or French drains may be placed in your yard to help control excess water at the same time as we do other irrigation services.

Pembroke Pines Sprinkler Repair

At EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, we can help you with irrigation repair, too . Is your sprinkler system draining improperly or missing essential areas of your yard? If so, you may need the sprinkler repair service that we provide.

Even the best system can wear out over time and need a bit of lawn sprinkler repair. Routine maintenance is the best way to keep irrigation systems in tip-top shape, but if that hasn’t been enough, we can come out and diagnose any issues you’ve been having.
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Many different problems can cause your sprinkler system to malfunction. One of these is blockages. If sediment, leaves, or other debris manage to get inside your sprinkler heads or the irrigation system itself, it could impact one or more areas of your yard. Sprinkler repair is required to clear any blockage.

While our sprinkler systems are designed to last, the pipes and channels that make up your sprinkler system can wear out over time, too – both by natural and artificial means.

For example, if you accidentally damage one of your sprinkler channels with a shovel, it may need to be replaced. A leaky pipe in your irrigation system can result in a pressure loss, wasted water, and wet, muddy areas in your lawn.

We mentioned the pump that powers your irrigation system in the section above. Just like the rest of your system, your irrigation pump can wear out or experience malfunctions. Ideally, routine maintenance, repairs, and checkups should keep your irrigation pump running smoothly, but if not, we can replace it entirely as well.

It’s a good idea to test your irrigation system for leaks regularly, as well. A slow leak in your system may not be readily apparent until it turns into a large, problematic leak. Our water meter test can help identify leaks in your sprinkler system or even in your home.

Sprinkler nozzles are especially sensitive to blockages and other problems. If a sprinkler head doesn’t retract all the way, it could end up getting clipped by a lawnmower or being broken by rowdy children. Sometimes, simple particulates can be responsible for clogging up your sprinkler head, and they can be cleaned instead of being replaced.

If you have an area of piping in your system that sees repeated wear and tear, you have alternatives for replacing the pipe, too. Instead of replacing it with a rigid line, using a flexible tubing may reduce the likelihood that it will break again.

Many properties in Broward County Florida already have existing irrigation systems installed. If you’re lucky enough to have an existing framework in place, we can utilize this to create a newer, better irrigation system for even less. Additionally, we can make current systems greener, more efficient, and more environmentally-friendly. These newer systems typically require less maintenance and last longer between irrigation repair cycles than an old system.

Irrigation backflow lines are an essential part of any sprinkler system. If your backflow lines aren’t working correctly, you could end up with contaminated water mixed in with your potable water supply. If necessary, we can repair or replace your backflow lines.

Today’s smart irrigation systems of South Florida can experience other “smart” issues as well. Wires can become crossed, and any WiFi-enabled systems can experience firmware issues, too.

Request a Pembroke Pines FL Irrigations Systems Estimate

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC specializes in all types of irrigation systems and lawn sprinkler repair. If you want to service or repair a sprinkler system at your Pembroke Pines, Florida property, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. There’s no obligation by giving us a call – simply contact us to schedule an estimate, and we can give you an idea of what your required services might cost.

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