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Broward County Florida Tree Services

When searching for “tree service near me” in Broward County, Florida, homeowners should look for everything from tree planting to tree cutting and removal. With EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, you can care for your property and its trees with a single phone call.

Here, we outline the common tree service process in south Florida and how the team at EPS can help you use trees to create your ideal yard.

Tree Planting

Planting a tree can add some beauty and color to your lawn. Trees can help you breathe better by absorbing carbon dioxide and other polluted air. They’re also good for your mental health because they can help reduce stress and anxiety.

While it costs money to plant a tree, you can save money in the long run. A tree protects your home from the harsh sun rays, so you won’t need to use as much energy to keep your home cool.

It’s possible to DIY tree planting, but for the best results, you should consult a professional. After all, not every tree will thrive where you want to plant it. An expert can offer advice to ensure your trees grow strong and healthy.

Tree Installation

Installing a tree in your yard requires some planning. You need to make sure the tree will have enough room to grow up and out. Avoid planting trees close to your house or right under power lines.
Tree planting & installation services
While those locations may be fine now, as your tree gets taller and the roots grow out, it can cause problems. The tree may bump into the power line, and the roots may hit against your foundation.

You also need to make sure the soil is natural for the area, so avoid adding extra soil. However, the soil also needs to allow for sufficient drainage, so the roots don’t drown. As the tree grows, it may need some support during the first year to protect against damage.

Tree Relocation

Sometimes, you may want to move a tree to a different location. Whether the tree has grown too large for the original spot or you want to take the tree to a new address, you can relocate a tree. However, tree relocating isn’t easy, so you’ll need tree professionals to help you.

A Broward County, Florida tree service has the tools and experience to move your tree safely. That way, you won’t have to plant a new tree or kill your current one. You can transplant trees of nearly any size, but it takes some effort and precautions to avoid damaging the roots.

The best time for tree relocation depends on the type of tree, so consulting with EPS Landscaping & Tree Service is crucial for your transplant project.

Tree Trimming Service

If you have trees, you may not think twice about their care. They grow slowly, and they provide shade and shelter for your yard. However, as they grow, they can become a problem. If a branch gets too long, it can weigh down that part of the tree.

Tree trimming companies can make sure your trees stay healthy and beautiful. A trim can make the tree look better and emphasize the natural shape. Long, thick branches can also keep rain from getting to your garden below the tree.

And if you have dead branches, tree trimming is essential. They can fall off during a storm, and they can damage your house, car or the power line. Even if a dead limb isn’t over your house, strong winds can carry it.

Tree Pruning

Regular tree trimming services promote healthy trees and facilitates growth. Tree pruning eliminates unnecessary branches and avoids the spread of harmful plant diseases. Cutting tree branches can change its growth patterns, so careful pruning services are essential.

You can determine if you should prune a tree now or later by contacting a local trimming company like EPS. We will evaluate the tree to locate any visible disease or infection. Then, they’ll trim the branches and foliage for optimum tree health.

Palm Tree Trimming

palm tree trimming near meBroward County, Florida, is an excellent environment for palm trees, but they need the same care as other trees. As with other species, palm tree trimming is important for shaping when the foliage becomes overgrown.

Sometimes, the dead fronds can be a fire hazard, but they can also look bad in your yard. However, you don’t want to remove them at just any time. The best season for palm tree trimming is in the spring when the weather is relatively calm.

When trimming your palm tree, it’s important to not trim more than necessary. You should leave as many healthy fronds in place to protect the tree. An expert tree trimmer has the experience necessary to determine the optimal palm tree trimming protocol.

Tree Trimming Costs

When looking to hire a tree service company for trimming and pruning, you should consider your budget and needs. The specific tree trimming cost depends on a few things. Your price can vary based on the size or number of trees you need to trim.

When you’re ready for tree trimming services in Broward County, get an estimate from EPS. That way, you can share what you need, and we can can give you a unique cost estimate for your situation.

Tree Removal Service

As beautiful and beneficial as trees are, you may need a tree felling service. For example, you should remove a dead or infected tree if the issue has progressed past one or two limbs (which can affect the structural integrity). If the tree has gotten too big, you may also want to remove it.

Removal is also a good idea if you have damaged trees, the roots are too close to your house, or if they are leaning toward your house and pose a danger. And if a tree is blocking your view or providing too much shade, you may want to open up your yard.

You may also consider removing a tree if you’re renovating your house. Some construction equipment can damage your tree or block access to your home. A tree cutting service can help you prepare for land clearing and construction.

Tree Removal Cost

The average cost can vary based on your situation and needs. If you need to remove a small tree (under 30 feet tall), it will take less work than removing a large tree (over 30 feet tall). The dangers associated with tree work can also impact tree removal prices, such as if the tree is near your house.tree removal service near me

The tree type must also be considered. The average price of large tree removal will almost always be more expensive than it is for smaller trees. For example, a large oak tree will be much more costly to remove than an average size palm tree.

Some other cost factors include:

  • Tree height
  • Tree species
  • Is it near electrical equipment or utility lines?
  • Is heavy equipment, a crane, or bucket trucks needed?

If you need a tree cut down, get a quote from a local tree removal company like EPS. We can evaluate your tree and what is the best course of action needed to remove it, and then provide you with a comprehensive estimate. This assures you can budget appropriately.

Stump Grinding & Removal

One of the most common reasons for tree stump removal is to improve your lawn’s appearance. If you need to remove a tree, the leftover stump creates an eyesore.

Stumps can also promote root growth, so that can be an issue. Stump grinding and removal is important to keep the roots from getting too close to your house or other trees. A stump can also be dangerous if you have young children who play in your yard.

A professional can provide tree stump removal service to ensure the roots don’t continue to grow. With the stump gone, your lawn can look smooth and flawless again.

Palm Tree Removal

Like other trees, you may decide to remove a palm tree. Palm tree removal is necessary when your tree is dead or dying overall. Your palm tree roots can grow more than you think, so getting rid of them with the rest of the tree is essential.

Palm tree removal may also be a good idea if you want to add a garden, pool or another feature to your yard. A pool is a great way to increase your home’s value, so it might be worth it if you plan on selling soon.

Emergency Tree Removal

Whether there was a recent storm or a tree has grown faster than you expected, you may need emergency tree removal. The standard tree removal process is great if the tree poses no danger, but you may need to wait until the tree removal specialist can fit it into their schedule.

When you have an emergency, you need an emergency tree removal service to save your property and get rid of the tree and any tree debris. You shouldn’t have to wait or book an appointment weeks out. Contacting a tree company that offers emergency services, such as EPS, gets the job done as soon as possible.

You should check with your insurance company to find out if emergency services are covered by homeowner’s insurance policy. It often will cover property damage and tree removal job expenses.

Professional Tree Care Services

If you need a tree specialist for trimming, removal or planting, contact EPS Landscaping & Tree Service. We can evaluate your tree and recommend a full range of arborist services and the best steps to take.

As tree experts, we can find signs of disease or dead limbs and get rid of them. We have tools for any tree cutting job in Broward County, FL, and we focus on your yard’s appearance and your satisfaction.

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC serves the tri-county area in South Florida, and we offer a variety of tree care and lawn services. So if you need more than a tree trim, we’re your one-stop-shop. Contact our customer service today for a free quote.

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