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Landscape Installation Ideas To Spice Up Your Fort Lauderdale Yard

Have you been to the famous Hugh Taylor Birch State Park? Gifted to the people of Florida by Hugh Taylor Birch, this park is perfect for a weekend picnic for your family. This little haven is great for a quiet walk or for an afternoon of fishing with your friends or family (a father and son hang-out, perhaps).

It has paved sections for cycling and rollerblading. You can never exhaust the activities you could enjoy. The paved sections have been installed to make cycling easier while spicing up the aesthetics. Are you looking for things to install that will spice up your yard? Here are some suggestions:

Idea #1: Light up the driveway

Landscape Installation Ideas To Spice Up Your Fort Lauderdale Yard

Have you tried using Landscape lighting?

The front yard tends to have a lot of activity, even at night, making lighting critical. Lighting not only improves security but when done right, can easily beautify any space. By using gentle lights like pathway lights and hidden garden lamp posts, you will make your front yard a little heaven.

“your eye is likely drawn to the home with professional outdoor lighting that highlights the structure itself as well as the landscape.

An entryway makes an impact not only by day, but with professionally installed and properly and artfully placed landscape lighting, it can also shine at night. You can draw attention to all of the features of your home you love most — from gables to symmetrical pillars to stone facades.

Not only can landscape lighting create dramatic curb appeal by accentuating your home’s architecture and landscaping, but it also enhances the safety and security of you and your guests. A well-lit entryway is far less likely to be a target for criminal activity. Read more from Rossen Landscape…

Idea #2: Decorate your tree with flower beds.

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Trees by themselves are a landscape changer. But you can do something around them to spice your garden. By adding flower beds around dull trees, you draw attention to the trees with a bright look around them. And while at it, you don’t have to crowd the space; a simple circular garden will do.

The areas around trees provide a perfect opportunity to add more color and differentiation to your front of house landscaping. If you have any stand-alone trees (meaning trees that are just surrounded by lots of grass), take advantage of the space by digging out a circle of grass around the tree’s trunk, mulching it, and filling it in with flowers.

When choosing flowers for this project, look for native species that work well with any other flowers that you have in your front yard and that won’t clash in terms of color or style. Read more from Moving…

Idea #3: Use decorative hedge plants

Landscape Installation Ideas To Spice Up Your Fort Lauderdale Yard

For homeowners, the corner plot comes with a disadvantage. People tend to walk through your lawn trying to save distance. But you can protect your lawn with hedge plants. They create a natural boundary while beautifying your lawn. You don’t want to spend hours watering a lawn then have people trump on it right?

Here are some more uses for Hedge plants:

Want that unique landscape that will bask your front yard with color comes the spring season? Then give the task to decorative hedge plants and let them do the job. You can choose from evergreen hedges that retain their foliage throughout the year or deciduous ones that shed their leaves in autumn. The best thing about hedge plants is that you can trim them the way that you want them. Say no more with these blooming red azaleas that give this house an interesting charm. Top it up with a white dodge tree and line the pathway with lavender and bergenia. What more can you ask for? Read more from Decoist…

Some of the above-listed ideas are easy DIYs. But if you want more detailed professional work that would need professional hands like the landscape lighting then look no further. EPS Landscaping & Tree Service is an expert landscaping company founded by experts. Reach out to us today; we’d love to hear the excellent ideas you have for your yard and help bring them to life.