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How To Enhance The Privacy of Your Pool in Fort Lauderdale

Did you know that Fort Lauderdale has a living coral reef approximately 100 yards from the shoreline? If you fancy snorkeling or you want to try it out, this should be a great holiday activity for you. Amazingly, the waters hide the secret reefs under the surfing waves. However, the few who seek to indulge never have enough. Have you been wondering what to do about the extra activity around your pool? Are there nosy neighbors and passers-by you’d want to keep out of sight? Well, this is for you. Here are some three pool landscaping ideas you can use to enhance the privacy of your pool area:


water feature

Plants are perfect for screening. From shrubs to bamboos, you can make your pool a safe private space. What you should avoid is getting plants that shed a lot of leaves as these will make it harder to keep your pool clean. You should also avoid plants that have thorns as this is an area many walk barefoot and you don’t want anyone injured.

Plants that conceal your yard from prying eyes — or cover ugly views — are trending. It’s not just the privacy factor, but because they enhance your landscape design with softening lines. Some plants like star jasmine produce lots of fragrant blooms. Consider planting vines such as fig ivy, or a gorgeous wisteria to climb up your fences and walls and block prying eyes. Hedges are coming back into style, especially as homeowners crave more privacy. Medium-sized hedges that grow anywhere from five to ten feet tall are perfect for the job. Consider the glossy abelia or the eastern snowball viburnum. Read more from Lawnstarter…

Tiered Garden


The perfect way to pull this off is by creating a pattern with the plants in the flower beds. You can start with the smallest plants going to the tallest. This will give that sleek look while glorifying your true intentions: privacy. This type of structure works excellently in slopy areas as terraces tend to look natural in them.

With the construction of a retaining wall, you can build an elevated garden to increase your privacy. It’s a beautiful and more vibrant way to add protection. Shrubs are great but can be a little plain looking when they aren’t flowering. With a tiered garden created by a retaining wall, you can mix flowers and shrubbery to can create an oasis-like feel in your outdoor space. Reach out to a landscape construction expert to make sure that this project comes out looking great. Read more from Lamacchia Landscape Contractor…

Fence covered with vines


Who says you can’t mix nature with some hardscaping. Maybe you have an existing fence and it just doesn’t give that extreme privacy. Try vines. This adventurous plant will curve and gather itself all over the fence giving that beautiful nature vibe. To avoid the vines destroying your fence, especially wooden fences, choose annual non-woody vines.

Fencing around swimming pools is a must when small children are present, for the purpose of safety. The right fence design can also offer you privacy. If you do not like the look of a fence, soften it by training vines to grow over it; the vines will enhance privacy, to boot, on types of fences that do not offer a solid barrier. Read more from The Spruce…

All these calls for creativity to ensure that you don’t just do installations but installations with a distinction. As local landscapers, EPS Landscaping & Tree Service has mastered its work to ensure that you get the best services in Florida. Let us serve you through our excellent pool landscaping skills. For any queries or bookings, call us today!