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Tips On How To Maintain Your Landscape Pavers

Are you looking for some treasure hunt activities for your next trip to the beach? Here’s one: collecting shells. Collecting shells can be an exciting family bonding activity that persons of all ages can participate in. Fort Lauderdale’s beaches have quality shells that will make for an excellent collection.

The only trick to a quality collection is ensuring they are well maintained. Regularly clean them and keep them out of harm’s way. You can also apply these maintenance tips to items on your property like pavers. Here’s how:

Clean your pavers regularly

Tips On How To Maintain Your Landscape Pavers

Pavers are meant to be walked on and this leaves a lot of dirt on them. Left unchecked this dirt can pile up and with time can take away the beauty of your pavers. Little effort with consistency will go a long way in making them sparkle always.

You can start with dry brushing them every fortnight and power washing after a couple of months.

Your hardscape can also benefit from occasional washing. Depending on the material, you can use a brush with soft or hard bristles and diluted dish detergent to restore the color of the surface.

If you see noticeable stains and dirt buildup, try to remove them using a broom or brush with hard bristles and a hardscape cleaning solution first. If this does not work, you may need a pressure or power washer.

A power washer will give your hardscape surfaces a thorough cleaning. It can remove stains and grime that are giving you a hard time.

If you don’t own a power washer, you can rent one. However, this machine is not easy to use. If you have large surfaces to clean and you don’t have any experience operating this equipment, consider hiring professionals that provide this particular service. Read more from Real Estate Smarter…

Repair Cracked Pavers

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Pavers can break if the ground beneath them changes or if super heavy machines are driven on them. If you don’t work on the cracks, they could end up breaking becoming space for weeds to grow through.

Pavers that have cracks or are loose should be mended or replaced, do this quickly to prevent the issue from growing. If your pavers are separating, it may be due to poor base compaction, inadequate soil or loose edges. If raising or sinking is occurring, this could be a sign of a much larger issue like decomposing material, tree roots or water drainage. Another structure to inspect for potential water damage is your retaining wall. Be sure the drains are free of any clogging and check for signs of pooling, especially where soil meets the wall. When concrete begins to crack, (and it will), make sure it is due to natural settling and not outside forces like tree roots or drainage issues. Contacting a professional landscape company at the first sign of these complications can help save you from a much larger headache than if left untreated. Read more from Santa Cruz Sentinel…

Check for weeds and paver placement

Tips On How To Maintain Your Landscape Pavers

Have you ever gone to public space and are left wondering how the plants grew through the pavers? Didn’t anyone see them coming? First, there are homeowners who love the sight of green in between pavers.

And second, there are homes where the pavers were installed and forgotten. But by regularly checking those spaces you will not be sorry in the near future.

Seasonally inspect the hardscape for weeds that may be growing within the cracks and crevices.  Look for a breakdown or erosion of the polymer sand between and under the pavers. If you find this then you need to address it by re-sanding these joint areas and sealing the surface again for added protection and durability.  While going through this process using the sealant to help the sand within the joints stay, you will mix it in and press it within the joint. Read more from California Clean and Seal….

These basic tips will ensure that your pavers maintain the fresh look they brought to your landscape. If you want a landscaping company that has continually excelled in landscape maintenance, EPS Landscaping is here for you. Contact us today for inquiries.