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Three Simple and Practical Ways To Ensure Your Fence Is In Good Condition

Ever heard of an Iguana in a toilet? A resident of Hollywood recently found one and it wasn’t an easy battle to remove it. It took three good days. The Iguana had gone in through the sewage vent stack on the roof. This calls for you to be alert when it comes to your property. Ensure everything is in place you don’t have a risky get-in point- like the roof. Usually, this should be part of your maintenance work.

You see landscape maintenance includes ensuring key property items are in good condition. Your fence, for example, can look all good, strong, and firm protecting you from outside and invasive eyes. But it’s only until you do an audit that you will see the true condition. Landscape maintenance isn’t so complex. Below you will find three hacks you can employ to ensure you have a strong fence in your landscape. You should clean the fence, check for cracks and perform repairs and check for termites. Enjoy the read!

Clean the fence

Three Simple and Practical Ways To Ensure Your Fence Is In Good Condition

A simple maintenance tip for your fence is cleaning it regularly. By the fact that it is outside exposed to all kinds of things from rain, water from your yard sprinkler and even dust can make it very dirty. If dust accumulates on it, it can make it vulnerable to termites that will kill your wooden fence. And also for the yard appeal. Do clean your fence.

Mother Nature throws an amazing amount of dirt, grime, and other debris at your fence – most of which will stick to it. Removing this layer of dirt is the first step in sprucing up and maintaining your fence. A professional power washer may not leave it looking like new, but it will definitely improve its overall appearance. In addition, a thorough cleaning gives you a fresh base to work with and is necessary to effectively complete any other fence maintenance.

Tip: Power washing is a relatively inexpensive procedure but should be done by a reputable company for the best results. Read more from Texas Best Fence…

Do repairs for broken pieces


This is the most common type of maintenance. Your fence will go through normal wear and tear. Therefore as a homeowner, you should be prepared to restore broken pieces and sometimes have a total overhaul of the fence.

Once a year, take a walk around your yard and inspect your fence for signs of damage or rot. Replace broken boards, hammer in loose nails or tighten screws. Check each section of the fence to make sure it’s securely attached to the next one. If any sections of the fence are leaning, make sure the posts are seated firmly in the ground. You may need to replace the posts if they’re in poor condition. Check the hinges and locks on your gates to make sure they’re secure and lined up properly. You can lubricate them with automotive grease if needed.

If you find any splits, cracks or chips in the wood, use a waterproof wood glue to seal the damage. This will prevent moisture from causing further deterioration.

Pressure-treated lumber isn’t completely resistant to water intrusion, so any steps you take to minimize its exposure to moisture Read more from Reddifence…

Check wood for termites

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You can have clean wood but deep inside it is being destroyed by termites. Another maintenance hack you should adopt is checking for termites in the wood. This will prevent rotting and extend the lifespan of your wood.

Wood, as we all know, is the favored food of termites. And while you can keep most of your backyard wood fence off the insect buffet just by ensuring the wood isn’t sunk into the ground, that isn’t an option with your fence posts. If you have moist earth, that is going to take a toll on the wood.

The fence posts, just like the rest of the backyard wood fence, are treated with pressure and chemicals by the manufacturer to resist rot and the incursions of insects. However, with time and exposure, that layer of defense becomes less and less potent. Which is why it pays to invest in prevention so you don’t have to uproot your fence posts every few years to give them a new treatment, or replace them because they’ve begun to rot away. Read more from Long Fence…

These hacks may sort you out as you continue making your home glow. For a professional landscape maintenance team, you can call EPS Landscaping. We are experts in landscape works, lawn care, and tree services. Call us today!