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Why You Need To Consider Sod Installation For Your Yard

Have you ever been to the Villa Providence? Villa Providence is a rare gem that has for years told the story of Hallandale Beach. Also known as Curci house, this building has been in existence for 90 years and has survived a hurricane.

It was built by Frank Curci in 1924 and currently, it is registered with the National Register of Historic Places. For a historical tour, you can visit this home on Second Avenue for a tour you’ll never forget.

The Curci house has survived for years, but how’s your home? Do you think it can survive that long? Even better, how’s your yard? When was the last time you gave it that necessary upgrade for a long-term look? Here are some three benefits of sod that will come in handy for you.

#1: It helps save costs long term

Why You Need To Consider Sod Installation For Your Yard


When you install sod on your lawn, you will have the advantage of having a low-maintenance yard with a quality look. It is not expensive looking at the long-term existence of your yard. It will save you time especially if you don’t have the patience to watch the seed grow into grass.

..sod is not more expensive to maintain over the years and depending on the region you live, will determine if growing grass yourself is even a good idea. Because sod is already flourishing when you plant it, there is less risk of it not growing properly going forward. When you start from seeds, you’ll have to do a lot more work (and likely buy a lot more fertilizer) to get it going from scratch. You may even have to keep filling in bare areas where seeds don’t take root the first time. This will definitely add to your costs. The seedling stage is the most challenging to get right. Luckily, living in the south, we don’t typically grow grass from seedlings. Warm season grasses are grown vegetatively, meaning they grow from actual pieces of the grass such as sprigs. Read more from Duda Sod…

#2: It provides instant results

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If your lawn needs a quick upgrade, then sod is the way to go. Sod isn’t necessarily a quick fix but it takes you 1000 steps ahead of those starting from seed. The biggest task for you will be ensuring it is properly watered and looked after.

Unlike seeding, where you have to wait for weeks before seeds germinate, sod installation provides you with an instant lawn. Because the roots still need to grow into the grass, seeding your lawn takes approximately 18 months to develop. In the meantime, you will be forced to look at a bare yard. Sodding, on the other hand, provides an immediate area for your kids and pets to play on and instant curb appeal. Read more from Nationscapes…

#3: Sod will cool your yard

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Mother nature has a way of providing benefits to human beings in very inexpensive ways. From trees that provide shade to water that quenches thirst. All this without demanding much. Sod also cools downs homes and here’s how:

Surfaces like asphalt, concrete, artificial turf, and bare soil give off heat. Sod can absorb this heat. This is particularly important in regions that experience extremely hot temperatures. As the temperatures rise and summer records are set, a lawn will be approximately 30 degrees cooler than asphalt or other stone surfaces. It is also 15 degrees cooler than bare soil. In addition to heat reduction, sod has the ability to reduce greenhouse gasses by absorbing carbon dioxide and produces oxygen while cooling the air. Read more from D2 Landscaping…

Do you want all of the above benefits from sod installation? You can reach out to us at EPS Landscaping and we will come to your home right away to begin the process. Our costs are friendly and only reflect the quality of the work you’ll get. Call us today.