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Consider This Before Adding Pool Landscaping In Dania Beach

Famed for being Broward County’s first city, Dania Beach, is in Florida, two miles North of Hollywood. From the name itself, a feature you won’t miss in this area is the beach. It’s a popular holiday destination, so visitors get to enjoy the mighty waves of the Atlantic Ocean, as their feet wade through the sand.

The oceanic waters provide extremely inviting scenery, especially at sunrise and sunset. Just like big oceans, lakes, or small rivers are sure to provide a relaxing experience, water features – like pool landscaping – have become a common scene in Florida landscape design.

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When including a water feature into your landscape, there are a few questions you need to answer:

Who will be accessing the yard?

It is important to consider the safety of those who will be using the area. This is especially so if you have small children. Generally, they are very curious and want to move around, playing with everything in sight. You need to be proactive in order to keep them safe. This is for both large and small water features, including pools and ponds.

“If you have children consider their safety before choosing a water feature. Small children can drown in tiny amounts of water, so it’s advisable to buy a feature with no exposed water, such as a water stone. Read more at Private Property…

As a property owner, ticking the safety concerns from your checklist will ensure you enjoy your new water feature with no worries.

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What is your budget?

The one-time installation cost is not the only one you will incur when putting up a water feature. There are also long-term maintenance costs involved. You need to consult a professional landscape architect who will help you establish the maintenance costs involved. This will include electricity, water, chemicals needed for the water, cleaning costs, and any other that may arise.

“The more elaborate the setup, the more maintenance that will be required. So make sure to weigh whether a simple wall fountain or multi-tiered waterfall is the better fit for your budget long term. In most cases, the cost will be in the initial setup as there is little cost associated with maintenance over time. When compared to say a swimming pool or pond, you’re not having to keep the water as clean as you would for people or fish, which means lower costs and less attention needed on your part. Read More at The Motley Fool…

Generally, maintaining water features is not too costly. The maintenance process is easy and only needs to be done every few months.

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What is your landscape design?

Before introducing a water feature into your yard, you need to factor in your current design.

For plants, fishes and other creatures to thrive in your garden, your water feature should be strategically located. The water feature should receive direct sunlight. The water feature should also be set up in a slanting manner, allowing the water to flow. This will ensure there is abundant oxygen for the creatures. Also, when choosing where to place your water feature, make sure it is not under an overhanging tree and shrubs as they will shed leaves inside the feature; this translates to more maintenance work for you. If you want to generate the best possible results, then you must place your water feature in the center of your backyard. Read more at A Best Fashion…

Very few water features with aquatic plants survive without sunlight. This is why your landscape design should support their growth.

Apart from providing good scenery, landscape designs also have different purposes. This might include providing shade for a very sunny area. Assess whether your current landscape or the one you intend to put in place supports a water feature. This is apart from checking if it complements your design. Aquascape consultants have the experience and knowledge to help you design an effective landscape with a water feature.

Before putting up a water feature, consult with EPS Landscaping and Tree Services for all your pool landscaping and Water Feature design needs. Call us today.