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3 Things You Should Know About Palm Tree Trimming

Some fun facts for you about Deerfield Beach. The first post office in Deerfield was established on June 22, 1898 that’s over 124 years ago. The post office was constructed to serve 20 settlers who were by then the initial settlers of Deerfield Beach.

In 1925, George Emory Butler, Jr. got to be elected as the first mayor for Deerfield Beach and it was not until the 1940s that Deerfield got attention for the beautiful beaches. The beaches couldn’t stand out without the glorious palm trees. This is why today’s post focuses on 3 things you should be aware of as you plan to trim your palm tree.

Make sure you get the right tools

Palm Tree Trimming

There are many versions to this saying but Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” This was to show the power of a good tool, it makes the work way easier. The same will apply to your palm tree trimming, you should make sure you have some of the tools mentioned below:

Pruning is a challenging and dangerous task, that is why taking extreme security measures is essential, especially when working at height.

The first thing you should get is cutting blades. This tool will help you clean the trunk, cut the leaves, fruits, and more. We also recommend pruning shears as it is a versatile instrument that will help you with a wide variety of tasks.

If you need to remove thicker and larger fronds from the tree, then use a hand saw or pruning saws. You need to take extra precautions so that you don’t damage the tree. We also recommend using serrated knives to cut off small fronds. This tool can also be useful for removing flower stalks from the tree.

Make sure you clean and disinfect all the tools before you use them. Disinfect the tools by using a household cleaner like Lysol or disinfectant wipes. You can also use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide Read more from Vasquez Tree Services…

Inspect the tree before you start trimming

Palm Tree Trimming

The power of a map is that it gives you a picture of what to expect when you go on any journey. The same applies when you inspect the tree or trees you intend to trim. You will be able to know where to start and which parts of the tree are the most vulnerable. You should also make sure you know what species your tree is as each species has its own needs.

Before you break out a single sharp object, take a good look at your tree. And yes, for the umpteenth time, check what species of palm tree you have. That’s important to know because some palm trees don’t require trimming at all. These are known as self-cleaning palm trees and include species like the Christmas palm.

You should also evaluate the current state of your palm tree, including what parts need trimming. Old and dead fronds are at the top of your pruning list—these can actually harbor pests. You can identify them by looking for yellow or brown leaves.

Surprisingly, you should also prune your palm tree if it’s growing fruit or flowers. These might look nice, but they can also provide food and shelter for pests. Plus, they’re a great way to invite wind damage.

If you see fronds that are generally green but yellowing a bit around the edges, leave them alone. Your tree is still using those for nourishment, and cutting them off early will hurt the tree. Read more from Green Topps…

But before you go ahead to the exciting part of trimming your tree, here is a warning for you:

Be aware of the Dangers of Palm Tree Trimming

3 Things You Should Know About Palm Tree Trimming

Palm tree fronds are very heavy and if not careful they can cause serious injuries to tree trimmers. In February 2020, a gentleman was reported to have died after palm tree fronds fell on him and suffocated him. He got cardiac arrest and didn’t make it through. You should be careful when trimming or even better, leave it to the professionals to do it for you.

While understanding the ins and outs of palm tree trimming is important, it’s worth noting that it can be dangerous to prune a palm tree.

First, handling sharp equipment up and down a tree and on ladders poses a great risk to your wellbeing. Ensure that you protect yourself adequately to prevent any accidents from happening.

It is also worth bearing in mind that there have been several tragic cases of death of palm tree trimmers by suffocation from heavy fronds collapsing on them. For that reason, make sure you are not positioned directly below the fronds that you are trimming. Read more from Bovees…

From the last point above, that is why EPS Landscaping And Tree Services Company exists. We provide safe tree trimming services in Deerfield Beach at pocket-friendly rates. Contact us today and we will gladly help you make your palm trees look better and grow better.