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Tips For Creating An Excellent Pool Landscape

In 2020, residents of Dania Beach, Southwest 36 Terrace area, were divided about the cutting down of Oak trees in the area. It turns out the trees had been in the area for decades and it was painful to see them cut down. You can only imagine what the trees meant and still mean to residents of this area. And sentimental value is not just associated with the beautiful landscaping that Mother Nature provides. We can also create homes that we’ll fall deeply in love with.

A pool landscape, for instance, in addition to providing aesthetic value, can also be of great sentimental value. Think of the state of mind it creates to sit quietly next to a beautiful and tranquil pool. Now imagine having that right in your yard; a place where you could share great moments with friends and family. Below are some great tips to help transform that imagination into reality.

Choose materials that will make the area around the pool safe

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While it is easy to focus on the pool, remember that people often spend more time around a pool than in the pool itself. It’s therefore important to consider the safety of pool users, especially children. To do this, avoid very slippery materials like tiles, or plants that can attract harmful bugs.

Due to strict town ordinances, safety protocols should always remain the primary focus for any pool owner. As such, homeowners must erect a fence around the pool’s perimeter, especially with the presence of smaller children and pets. This way, pool owners can relax knowing children will stay safe even with limited supervision. Furthermore, homeowners will benefit from routine upgrades to pool alarms whenever possible. This enhancement ensures that pool owners have the latest technology integrated into safety measures. In addition to adding protections around the surrounding pool area, homeowners should look into slip-free surfaces to better prevent younger children from small cuts and injuries brought on by slips. Surfaces built with tile or stone, for instance, can still have a beautiful appearance while creating a safe area for children to splash around. Read more From Shoreline Pools…

Choose a low maintenance landscape

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Kurt Vonnegut said, “Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.” To avoid the spell of burnouts, make it your goal to avoid high maintenance plants around your yard. Remember, it will take one day to plant and 365 days a year to maintain.

Having a lovely, large or flowering tree that will shade you from the bright summer sun and add some depth to your yard might seem like an aesthetically pleasing idea, but in the long run, do you want to be cleaning leaves out your pool daily – especially during the autumn and winter months?

Using a pool blanket year round has many benefits, including preventing water loss and keeping the water warm, as well as preventing parts of the landscaping from falling into the pool. While pool blankets are recommended, no matter your garden situation, keeping the landscaping around the pool as low-maintenance as possible will also make your upkeep easier. Consider what plants may shed and avoid them if possible. Read more from Interiors Online…

Incorporate trees with caution


Trees are beneficial in that they provide the perfect shade on a sunny day while giving your home the privacy it needs. This is besides the aesthetic appeal they give to your pool area. But remember, not every tree is perfect for the pool. Some trees have invasive roots that could cause structural damage. So proper research before planting any near your pool is essential.

Strategically planting trees around your in-ground pool can make it feel and look like an integral part of your backyard’s landscape. You don’t want to plant just any tree near your pool, though. Many trees shed leaves, flowers, and fruit that can litter your pool and clog cleaning equipment.

To save yourself the trouble of cleaning up after messy trees every time you want to use your pool, look for species that won’t shed during swimming season.

You also have to be careful about the size of trees you plant near your in-ground pool. If the tree’s roots expand too much, they could damage the pool’s plumbing or concrete structure. If they aren’t rooted enough, they could topple over onto your screened-in pool (or even your home). Read more from LawnStarter…

The final tip should be, “consult a professional”. We know that DIY projects are exciting and have been especially appealing during the lockdown season. But some projects will make you pay more than you would have on a professional. At EPS Landscaping, we have qualified professionals who will treat your pool as their own. They will also integrate your ideas to develop the best pool landscaping options available for you. For consultations or quotation inquiries, call us today!