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Beware Of Pruning Mistakes That Are Harmful To Your Trees

As you enjoy the warm Spring weather and prepare for summer break, there’s a lot to look forward to. Your yard plants are springing back to life and it’s time to do some gardening. It’s a great time to prune your trees and other plants. This ensures that your home looks beautiful and full of life. Just like Hollywood, FL which has more than sixty parks where you can enjoy great moments with friends and family. You may also want to consider visiting the unique Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.

But you’ll not always be out on a trip. You can make the most of your at-home moments and enjoy some gardening activities. This post will consider some tree pruning mistakes you’ll want to avoid in this warm season.

Pruning in the wrong way and at the wrong time

Beware Of Pruning Mistakes That Are Harmful To Your Trees

You already know that pruning helps your trees thrive. It helps to balance out the foliage so that the tree’s energy goes into the flowers and/or fruits. For sure, pruning achieves different results for different tree types. But even so, when it’s done improperly and at the wrong time, it could cause more harm than good.

Pruning Too Aggressively

After a long winter, it’s understandable that you want to hit the garden and start snipping your shrubs into shape. Don’t let the power of the pruning shears go to your head, though. Yes, it can be fun to prune, but unless you’re turning your hydrangea or crepe myrtle into a topiary, don’t overdo it. Over-pruning can permanently damage a plant, stunt its growth, and make it susceptible to disease.

Pruning Too Early

If you prune too early in the season, there’s a good chance you’ll snip the buds right off their branches, which means no flowers in the spring. Before you cut, do a little research, like with our pruning guide, or just wait to trim until the plant has finished blooming for the year. As our resident Grumpy Gardener says, “If in doubt, you can never go wrong by pruning a flowering plant right after its final blooms fade.” Read more at Southern Living

Manage your excitement and be sure to prune your trees at the right time.

Pruning at the wrong place

Beware Of Pruning Mistakes That Are Harmful To Your Trees

Yes, there is a possibility of cutting off the tree at the wrong point. When this happens, you threaten the continual growth of your tree. So, the best thing you can do is find out how to prune the specific tree you have. Avoid the trial and error method since the damage may be irreversible.

Not pruning above a node

The node is where leaves, buds and shoots emerge from the stem. You should always cut just above a node, as this prevents ‘die back‘ and therefore disease. Also, by cutting above a node you can manipulate new stems, leaves or flowers to form in a desired direction, as nodes form on different sides of a stem. Don’t cut too closely above a node as this can damage it, but avoid leaving more than 1cm above the node as you will leave an unsightly stump, which can’t grow and may therefore die. Read more at Gardeners World

If you’re not too sure how to prune your tree, call the professionals to do the job for you.

Using inappropriate pruning tools

Beware Of Pruning Mistakes That Are Harmful To Your Trees

This sounds crazy, but you may have the right tools but they’re inappropriate. That’s when they’re in the wrong condition. If this happens, you jeopardize your trees’ health and ability to thrive. What conditions can make your pruning tools ineffective?

There are two things your pruning tools should never be. The first, as we’ve seen, is blunt. The second is dirty.

Gardeners are notorious for picking up their pruning shears in whatever condition and popping off into the garden for a quick clean-up. While some may clean them thoroughly after a long afternoon session, few remember to do so after snipping one or two branches. However, it is vital to keep these tools continuously clean to prevent one dangerous threat – disease. Read more at Blooming Backyard

Blunt pruning tools will create bigger wounds in your trees, and they are likely to take longer to heal. So, you need them to be sharp and precise as well as clean!

For the best tree pruning results, you may want to call in the professionals to do the work for you. If you’re in Hollywood, FL, and need an expert’s touch, call EPS Landscaping & Tree Service today. We are just a call away!