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When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

Are you looking for a unique way to commemorate a special person? You could try the Coral Springs tree memorial program. This program allows you to plant a tree in a city park or install a bench in their memory. It gives you something physical to fill you with joy when you think of your loved one even though the person isn’t there physically. It is certainly something nice when you’re walking in the park and you see a tree or bench that reminds you of that loved one, isn’t it?

You see, trees can trigger a lot of memories. For example, that tree you planted in your yard when you first moved into your current home. It reminds you of those first days when you were excited about a new home. But with time trees may outgrow their original purpose.  Moreover, they may become a safety hazard. At that point, you will need to remove them despite their sentimental value. Here are some scenarios where you may need tree removal.

When the tree is too close to the house

When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

There are many reasons why people plant trees near their houses. But in some cases, the cons outweigh the pros. Here are some disadvantages: a tree branch falling on your house. Also, the roots can easily affect the compactness of soil near your house and weaken your foundation. You don’t want a tree to be a safety hazard for your home. Just plan to remove it

Some people enjoy the idea of having a tree near their house as it provides natural shade and prevents the sun’s rays from getting inside their property. Despite those benefits, your trees should never be too physically close to your home as they can damage the structure’s exterior.

The branches of a growing tree can touch your roof and gutters and even slip through open windows. Additionally, its roots might even crawl under your house’s foundation, which can affect the stability of your home and cause some parts of your flooring to have small bumps. And if extreme weather manages to uproot the tree, it’ll likely land on or hit your house.

To avoid such scenarios, you should remove trees standing right beside your house and try to keep them at a distance of anywhere from three to six meters away from your property. Read more from Triangle Gardener…

When you need some extra space

When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

A home is forever a changing place. Priorities change over time and it is okay to change the look of your yard. So when it comes to trees, they may occupy space that could be useful in other ways. If you need extra space in your yard, or to put up a facility like a swimming pool, you can go ahead and remove the trees.

Another reason that home & business owners choose to remove trees from their property is that removing trees can free up space for other additions to your home. Consider a scenario in which you would like to develop your yard, building an inground pool, tennis or basketball court, or firepit & seating area, but a large tree sits right in the middle of the space. Sometimes, homeowners will need to make the decision to remove a tree simply to free up space for additional construction! Read more from Walnut Tree Service…

When the tree is below power lines

When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

Another safety hazard you might find your trees posing is when they are almost touching power lines. Don’t beat yourself up-you probably didn’t know how tall the trees would be in a few years. But here you are. With the help of a professional, you can easily find a safe way of cutting down the trees so that they don’t cause any electrocution.

Trees under power lines should mature at heights less than 25’. A tree that is growing into power lines will need to be thinned out. During wet weather, electricity can arc as much as ten feet to wet tree foliage and ground out causing a power failure or property damage. Removal of tree limbs anywhere near power lines is never for the homeowner to do themselves. The price of an accidental touching of the power lines or a grounding arc of deadly electrical current to a ladder, pruning tool, or a person will be devastating. Always hire a professional for these dangerous jobs. Read more from UMD…

In all these situations, the help of a professional tree removal company is warranted. You don’t want to remove a tree near your house and it ends up falling on your house or on the power lines. And this is why EPS Landscaping & Tree Service is here for you. We serve the residents of Coral Springs, Florida. Call us today for tree removal services.