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What To Expect From a Trusted Lawn Care Service Provider in Deerfield Beach

The story of Deerfield Beach is a great example of growth and development. A place that was once only known as an agricultural hub took on a new identity. Not only did it go through economic changes, but also a name change. The term “beach” was added to the name to attract tourists. It worked – this simple change significantly transformed the identity and nature of this city.


What To Expect From a Trusted Lawn Care Service Provider in Deerfield Beach

In the same manner, proper lawn care has the potential to transform the life of your lawn. However, you need to know what lawn care entails and what not to expect from a lawn care service provider.

Trusting your lawn and landscape to a for-hire service is really a significant decision. Pick the wrong service provider and you could be the victim of over-promising and under-delivery of the service and results you expect and deserve.

Lawn care services are NOT all alike! Some operators are basically mowing services. While they may apply fertilizers, most are not licensed and certified to apply necessary pest controls when needed. Whether they will tell you that during the sales process is questionable.

Some so-called lawn services are mainly tree specialists. No problem, except for the fact that trees and grass plants are not alike; and require different treatment and maintenance practices. Read more at ExperiGreen…


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In all honesty, when you hire a lawn care service provider, you do it because you know they are experts at what they do. You trust them to do a good job on your lawn. Here are some specific services that you can expect from them:

Some common services you can expect from lawn care companies are:

  • Fertilizer Application
  • Pest Control
  • Pre-emergent weed and crabgrass control
  • Post-emergent weed and crabgrass control
  • Aeration & thatch control
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Root stimulants & developers
  • Irrigation systems
  • Soil testing and Mulching
  • Organic lawn care… Read more at Royal Landscapes…

In fact, as you search for the best company to work with, be sure to specifically ask about the aforementioned services.

Value For Your Money

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Yes, you should expect both to save your money and get a good outcome from the investment you make into lawn care. This comes in the following ways:

When it is done properly, lawn care takes a lot of time and effort. Mowing, pruning, feeding, and seasonal maintenance tasks must be done year round to keep your yard healthy and happy. This can easily become a full-time job, especially if your property has elaborate landscaping. Lawn maintenance requires extensive manual labor to perform, and most people don’t have the time or energy to devote to this in the evening after work or on the weekends. Hiring someone else to do the work is much, much easier. Read more at Impeccable Landscapes…

Clearly, lawn care services offer lots of benefits. However, in order to enjoy the benefits, you need to choose the right company.

EPS Landscaping and Tree Services is a trusted lawn care service provider in Deerfield Beach, FL. If your lawn needs a makeover in this new year, we are the team to call. You won’t regret it!