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Tropical Landscaping: Plant Ideas For Your Deerfield Beach Garden

With the coronavirus pandemic, international travel sounds like a nightmare. You don’t want to be somewhere in the world then everything gets locked down. So how do you avoid that? Simple: Plan to be in the USA for the holidays. Times are tough, but you won’t miss going overseas while taking in the wonders of Butterfly Park in Deerfield Beach, FL. This is the largest butterfly park in the world and it boasts of over 20,000 species of butterflies. The butterfly is an icon symbol of change. It handles transitions from one phase of its life to the next majestically.

For a homeowner, this begs the question: does your home need a similar transition or upgrade? Is it time to consider a bit of tropical landscaping to give it a modern feel? Here are some exciting tropical landscaping plant ideas for your home:

1. Demarcate your pathways

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While you can easily use items like pathway lights and hardscape materials like blocks, plants can also be an excellent option. It is true that the signature mark of tropical climates is the high temperatures. But it’s also true that a green environment tends to neutralize this in our minds. So why not do this on your pathways?

Density is a vital part of tropical garden design since tropical plants grow entwined and entangled with one another in the wild. To replicate the jungle look, plant your tropical plants closely together and add clumping and spreading plants between taller ones to fill gaps.

Here, densely planted jungle walls add a sense of mystery and adventure to a winding pathway. Keep things neat with low-growing ferns and grasses to line the sides of the path – it’s a great garden edging idea. Read more from Air Tasker…

2. Plant palm trees

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The palm tree is a low maintenance plant that is a common feature for coastal areas. You will not miss them along many beaches in Florida. But this tree doesn’t just grow next to the sea; it can also survive in your compound.

Palm tree is known as one of most popular tropical plant. You can use this plant for your garden. Make sure you choose many different palm trees, so, your garden will looks more beautiful. The most important thing that you need to do is preparing the soil. It’s important, because, a fertilized soil with right alkali level will make your palm tree survive in all seasons. The palm tree is also great choice for Tropical Landscaping Garden Ideas because it doesn’t need too much water. Therefore, you can use your water system for other tropical plant, if you have and want to combine it with palm tree. Read more from  Designwalls…

3. Use plants with large leaves

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The dominating feature of tropical areas is the sun. As you pursue the aesthetic appeal, you should also consider the feeling the home gives. The beauty of plants with large leaves is that they can provide some much-needed shade. The excellent shade then provides a cool environment in your home. Meaning you can explore your yard even on the hottest of days.

Besides having an abundant amount of plants, there is also another way to give your backyard that tropical vibe, which is to plant more plants that have large leaves. If you have ever been to tropical places, you will know that most of those places have tropical woods.

These tropical woods have a special characteristic where they are often filled with many large-leafed plants.

There are many kinds of plants with large leaves that you can plant in your backyard. You can plant plants such as elephant ears and philodendrons. Just make sure that you know how to take good care of them. Read more from SimpHome…

As a homeowner, you want to have the best yard, and plants are a sure bet in achieving this. In order to make the most of your investment, it’s important to involve landscaping professionals in your area. As an established landscaping company in Florida, EPS Landscaping is always ready to help you make your yard the best in Deerfield Beach. Call us today for the latest tropical landscaping ideas.