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Tropical Landscaping Isn’t Complicated- Get Started With These Simply Beautiful Ideas

Living in Hallandale Beach is exciting for many reasons. The oceanfront is a particularly beautiful scenery that many simply adore. Moreover, the very accessible beach provides a perfect break from work since it’s not so far away. It is also the ideal location for family hangouts and other leisurely activities. Yes, you’ll enjoy the beach whether you’re alone or in the company of your friends. The Floridian climate makes this experience all the more exciting.

How about recreating a breath-taking environment like this at home? You can do this by implementing a tropical landscaping vibe in your yard. And before you write this off as too much work, take note that they’re all low-maintenance plants. It’s a win-win, right?


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There’s nothing as pleasant as seeing beautiful greenery in your yard. The refreshing effect you have when you walk out into your yard is to-die-for. Now, the deal gets sweeter when you have some that don’t demand so much care to thrive and also have decorative berries.

If you’re looking for low maintenance shrubs with fall and winter interest, possumhaw is an excellent choice. A deciduous shrub that blooms in April and May, possumhaw is known for its beautiful fall berries that are pink to deep blue, with both colors often appearing at the same time. Thriving in full sun to partial shade, this shrub is attractive to birds and pollinators. Hardy to -20 degrees F and reaching a height of 5 to 12 feet tall with an equal spread, possumhaw has very few pests and requires little to no pruning. Planting multiple specimens results in better berry production. Native to the Eastern US. A good compact variety is Brandywine which reaches a max height of 6 feet. Another excellent choice is ‘Winterthur’. Read more at Savvy Gardening

You could actually make the most of these shrubs by choosing various types that flower at different times of the year.

Flowering Plants

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You can add life to your yard by ensuring you have exotic tropical fragrances wafting through your yard. Who said you have to use tons of time to grow beautiful flowers in your yard? You could have flowering trees, shrubs, or vines in your yard.


Also called frangipani, plumeria is unquestionably the most beautiful tropical flowering tree. Plumeria flowers come in a dazzling range of colors. Their timeless beauty and exotic scent evoke images of idyllic island getaways with white sandy beach and turquoise water. The alluring fragrance becomes more pervasive in the evening, perfuming the night air—to the delight of nocturnal creatures near and far! Plumeria does well in large pots, prefers full sun, well-drained soil. It can be grown easily from cuttings. Some plumeria cultivars shed all their leaves before going into full bloom. Read more at Dengarden

Did you know that coffee bushes can also beautify your yard? Their white blossoms are beautiful and their scent is refreshing. Consider them in your home.

Bordering Plants

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To top it all off, make your yard even more beautiful by planting border plants all around your yard. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Tree Ferns

Tree ferns such as Dicksonia antartica or Dicksonia youngiae, shown here, are the ultimate plants for the jungle look – they bring drama to any garden. In summer, keep well watered (at the crown, not the base). In winter, protect the crown by wrapping it with straw, horticultural fleece or even dead fronds.


Eucomis, or pineapple lilies, are tuberous perennials with broad leaves and beautiful flower spikes produced from mid- to late summer. They’re ideal for the understory layer of a jungle garden. Can be grown outdoors all year in milder locations, with a thick layer of mulch for protection over winter. Otherwise they can be lifted and stored somewhere frost-free. Read more at Gardeners World

Layering your plants will create a tropical forest feel in your yard. With all these ideas, you can be sure you’ll always be looking forward to spending time in your yard.

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