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The Dangers Of Having A Tree Stump In Your Hollywood Yard

When you hear Hollywood, what comes to mind? A big sign on a hill with the letters H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D? The walk of fame? A place where you’ll find many celebrities? Blockbuster movies? If that’s you then you must have been thinking of Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA. That’s the place many people think of – the center of the film industry in the US. But if you’re a resident of Broward County, then you probably know or even live in Hollywood, FL, a wonderful holiday destination.

The Dangers Of Having A Tree Stump In Your Hollywood Yard

Like the beaches of Hollywood, FL, a beautiful yard in your home is a valuable resource. But if you’ve had to cut down a tree recently, then you may be dealing with a less-than-appealing tree stump in the middle of your yard. You may not have given it much thought at first. You probably wondered what harm it could possibly cause. Unfortunately, it might actually cause a pretty substantial amount of harm. Here are three reasons why you should not leave that stump in the ground:

It may cause physical harm

Tree stumps pose a danger to people walking, running, or even playing around the yard. Imagine stumbling on the stump as you were walking to your house at night. Children playing in the yard may also be seriously harmed if they fall on the stump. Not to mention the fact that with time, it could actually become an unsightly feature in your yard.

Tree stumps are a safety hazard to anyone walking or playing in your yard, especially children. Along with being a tripping and toe-stubbing hazard, a tree stump can also injure someone who falls onto it.

And when doing landscape maintenance, you’ll need to work around it, especially when using a lawnmower. Otherwise, you’ll risk damaging the lawnmower and hurting yourself if it comes into contact with the tree stump. Read more from Green Thumb Property Services…

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. The danger that this stump poses may not be so evident, but it is risky all the same.

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It attracts pests

Pests like carpenter ants, termites, and other wood-boring insects are naturally attracted to tree stumps. Even worse, other healthy trees around your yard will be at risk of infestation. Imagine having to deal with pests inside your home that only became an issue because of the stump outside.

A tree stump can invite unwanted guests into your yard. Pests, such as carpenter ants, termites, and other wood-boring insects, are naturally attracted to tree stumps. Once infected, healthy trees and shrubs can be at risk of infestation and disease. Or worse, these harmful pests might even cause costly structural damage to the wooden parts of your home.

Additionally, fungi can thrive on a dead stump, which potentially poses serious health risks to children and pets. Contact a tree service professional to get rid of the entire stump to prevent mold, decay, and disease from spreading. Read more from Great Northern ReGreenery Tree Service..

Fungi can also be found in stumps and this could create health risks for you and your family.

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It may damage your property

There is a common assumption that once a tree is cut, it doesn’t grow anymore. The fact is, some stems can start growing again. The worst part is that the roots may also continue to grow. As a result, they may start to interfere with underground water pipes. This would mean they would also compete for resources with other vegetation nearby.

Even after a tree gets cut down, the roots can continue to grow and spread beneath the soil. When the stump is near pavement or stepping stones, this can be a major problem. As roots expand beneath the soil, they can start pushing against the pavement, creating cracks and pushing the dirt beneath the pavement up until you have breakage. Getting rid of the stump will keep the roots from spreading and preserves the integrity and appearance of your pavement. Read more from Bear Creek Tree Service…

With this understanding, it is only prudent for you as a homeowner to take the next action of having that stump removed. There are many tree stump removal options available, but a professional will be the best for this kind of work. The tree service experts at EPS Landscaping are trained and equipped with all the right tools for this kind of work. Call us today for all your tree stump removal queries.