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Benefits of Tree Pruning For Your Yard in Coral Springs, FL

Did you know that the Coral Springs Sheriff’s department regularly hosts shred-a-thon events? The goal of these events is to help individuals get rid of very personal documents that would otherwise be used to steal your identity. This year’s event is on November 6th and you are only allowed a max of two boxes.

Now as you prepare to get rid of old documents to start afresh, have you considered doing the same for your trees? Yes. You can give your trees a new lease of life through pruning. Below you will find three benefits that you totally want for your yard. Here you go:

Pruning will enhance your yard’s visual appeal

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Dead tree branches are a sore sight. They kill the goal of having a visually appealing yard. By doing pruning, you are enhancing the beauty of your yard. You will also be saving your tree. Dead tree branches with time will dry up and in the presence of water rot. This will slowly kill your trees.

Pruning the dead branches from your trees and shrubs is one of the easiest ways to get an immediate visual impact, but it also helps the health of your plant and surrounding plant materials. Removing the dead and dying branches helps prevent the spread of decay and can prevent pests. Additionally, it lightens the load for larger branches and helps increase sun exposure and air circulation for remaining growth. By eliminating the dead material, you’re also helping the sun exposure for other nearby plants in removing unnecessary shade for existing flowers or grasses below. Read more from OneNeighbor…

Pruning will help your trees grow stronger and bigger

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In the early stages of a growing tree, by pruning it systematically with a plan, you enhance the growth of your tree. Trees will tend to have small branches. But by pruning you are encouraging the branches to become bigger and stronger. So as you could also use pruning to remove branches that are a sore sight, you can also use it to help your young tree grow well.

For the tree to develop a strong root system to withstand winds, they need to be pruned to allow a few strong branches to be spaced around, up, and down the trunk. This will help train a shade tree to grow with limbs branching out at a greater height ranging 1.6 to 2.4 meters, while low-hanging branches should be removed.

However, when pruned all at once time, it can cause the tree to become weak and will need staking. When pruning all at once, lower branches need to be cut to stubs, which will be removed later but act as sap drawers to create leafy shoots to draw water and food to provide the tree with needed nutrients. The stubbed branches will need to be maintained back, pruning fully after the crown (permanent scaffold branches) are established. Read more from Local Tree Estimates…

Farms have been known to use pruning to help their trees absorb more nutrients from the soil. This works especially well for fruit farms.

Pruning will protect your family from dead falling branches

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It is not enough to have a good-looking yard; you want a safe one too. Dead tree branches can easily break when strong winds come in. And even without strong winds, when they rot, expect them to fall any time. You don’t want them falling on you or anyone else. The medical costs involved will outweigh the small cost it would have taken to remove one old branch.

The safety of your family must come first. Dead or diseased branches can cause serious damage or injuries to your family and your property. These branches can fall at any minute which poses a dangerous threat to anyone underneath them. Clearing the entrance and sidewalk of any branches will ensure that no one is cut from them. When there is a storm or the wind is strong, any weak branches can break and fly, causing hurt to anyone or damage to your home. Overgrown branches are a hazard too if they touch electricity lines or are rubbing against your house’s roof. Read more from South Florida Caribbean News…

So be proactive, protect your family by pruning those branches.

You can get professional help from EPS Landscaping and Tree services for your pruning. We are experts in tree pruning, trimming, and relocation. Call us today for a new look yard.