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Having a Tree Emergency During Winter May Not Be So Bad After All

There are several reasons why you may want to consider a trip to Dania Beach FL in this festive season. One of them is that you won’t have to worry about traffic. It’s the most wonderful time of the year-but you sure wouldn’t want to spend half of it stuck in traffic on your way to your beachside holiday destination. Choosing to travel to Dania Beach assures you of a stress-free road trip with the people you love since it isn’t exactly “popular”. But this shouldn’t fool you to imagine it isn’t a nice place. You’ll have a great relaxing time away from your routine enjoying the Quarterdeck of Dania Beach- a full-service restaurant right at the beach!

After enjoying such a wonderful holiday, it’s possible to find that awry while you were away from home. For example, you may find one of the trees in your yard is not in its best shape, or perhaps has fallen. This calls for emergency tree removal. Here are some answers to your common questions on tree removal.

Is tree removal appropriate during winter?

Having a Tree Emergency During Winter May Not Be So Bad After All

The answer is yes. However, tree removal can lead to further damage to your yard. But the good news is, if this is a concern for you, winter conditions can greatly reduce ground damage. Find out some more about that in the following post:

It’s impossible to avoid all damage to the ground during a large tree pruning or removal job (although we always do our best!). But when the ground is frozen, our equipment and any branches or logs that hit the ground won’t make nearly as much of an impact. Plus, heavy equipment can often be used to access areas where the soft ground wouldn’t let us go during spring or summer. Read more at American Climbers

There are many surprises you may discover if you go for tree removal in winter. This is just but one of them. There’s another one as far as the cost of tree removal during the colder months goes.

Is winter tree removal affordable?

Having a Tree Emergency During Winter May Not Be So Bad After All

Oftentimes, homeowners imagine that winter is the time to stay indoors and leave all the yard work until it gets warmer. Of course, in an emergency situation, something needs to be done fast. But the silver lining in the unfortunate event of a tree falling during winter is that you may enjoy lower prices. Here’s why you may want to go for winter tree removal:

The question is, can you save money on tree removal depending on the time of year you choose? The answer is yes!

The Cheapest time of year for tree removal is winter. Why? Because tree work is slow and tree services need to bid lower prices to get work to see them through the colder months…

Supply and demand determine the price for tree removal just like any other commodity or service in the market. Tree removal companies may offer lower prices during the winter as not many people need tree services. Read more at Go Tree Quotes

You could make a serious bargain by getting tree removal services during winter.

When is emergency tree removal necessary?

Having a Tree Emergency During Winter May Not Be So Bad After All

There are times when tree removal is optional and other times when it’s non-negotiable. Emergency tree removal is necessary when there is an evident risk to life and property.

The need for emergency tree removal typically comes about when a tree has fallen.  It could be due to wind, ice, rain, or snow.  Extreme weather conditions can cause damages to trees that make them a hazard:

  • Trees fall under the stress of heavy snow
  • Tree branches can break under the weight of ice
  • Trees blow over, and branches break during strong winds
  • Heavy rains saturating the ground can cause trees with shallow roots to fall

A tree that’s close to a home or building can fall on a house, a car, power lines, or a road, posing immediate threats to either people or property, or both.  Quick action can be a lifesaver and avoid harmful results.  Emergency tree removal is needed to dismantle or remove the hazard to protect your home, the public, and property. Read more at Artisticlc

There’s no reason why you should feel like your holiday is ruined if you happen to have a tree fall in your yard. You will correct the situation pretty quickly if you work with a trusted emergency tree removal expert.

At EPS Landscaping and Tree Service, we are ready to answer your call for help. Our joy is to ensure you have happy holidays. Call us today for unbeatable emergency tree removal services in Dania Beach, FL.