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Tag Archives: Landscaping Hollywood

Three Simple and Practical Ways To Ensure Your Fence Is In Good Condition

Ever heard of an Iguana in a toilet? A resident of Hollywood recently found one and it wasn’t an easy battle to remove it. It took three good days. The Iguana had gone in through the sewage vent stack on […]

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3 Best Grass Types To Consider For Your Sod Installation in Hollywood

These days, most people have a bucket list of favorite places they would like to visit. Florida’s beaches have been an exciting option. To be precise, Hollywood has caught the attention of many a traveler. There are tons of factors […]

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What You Should Know About Wooden Retaining Walls

Did you know that the US has more museums than McDonald’s? One such museum is The Hammerstein House located in Hollywood, Florida. The house was constructed in 1935 and it stands to date. The owners donated the house in 1980 […]

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These Unique Pool Landscaping Ideas Will Rock Your World in Hollywood

Are you one of the people who just know Hollywood as a neighboring city to Miami? Well, there are lots of fun and exciting places to visit as a family. One of them dates back to the 1930s! Before you […]

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