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Tag Archives: Irrigation Service Broward County

Questions on Irrigation System Maintenance In Pompano Beach Answered

The great city of Pompano Beach was named after the Florida Pompano, a type of fish found in the Atlantic Ocean. The Florida Pompano is a common delicacy in Florida, despite its high cost. In fact, it is the most […]

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How To Care For Your Sprinkler System in Pembroke Pines

The city of Pembroke Pines has a lot of attractions that are sure to excite you. If you are into arts and culture, you will certainly find a bunch of interesting places to visit. There are also a vast number […]

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Benefits of a Sprinkler Irrigation System for Hollywood Residents

In 1925 Joseph Young founded the city of Hollywood. It was dubbed “Hollywood by the sea” as a way of distinguishing it from Hollywood in Los Angeles. The gentleman wanted to create his dream city in Florida. Many years later, […]

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An Overview of Landscaping Sprinkler Systems in Hallandale Beach

Ever wondered about the origin of the name “Hallandale Beach”? Well, it turns out that it was previously just known as Hallandale. There once was a Swedish employee who worked on the Florida East Coast Railroad. His son, Luther Halland, […]

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Smart Irrigation System: Your Path To A Greener Yard in Deerfield Beach

As is the case in every place in Broward County, Deerfield Beach has an interesting history. First, its name was chosen because there were many deer in the area. Second, farmers were the first occupants of the area. They were […]

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The Unique Benefits of Drip Irrigation in Fort Lauderdale

When it rains, drops of water fall on every green thing – from the lowly grass to the highest trees. Sometimes it is inconvenient, especially when you had plans to spend the day outdoors. But even with a sudden downpour, […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Landscape Irrigation Systems In Coral Springs

People who’ve never been there might think that Coral Springs is a place with many natural springs. Surprisingly, in Florida, you’ll have to travel to the central and northern areas to find them. Thus, every lawn in Coral Springs, which […]

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The Basics of Irrigation Systems In Dania Beach

Isn’t it interesting how wild plants survive without a man-made watering system? For instance, is there anyone who took time to water the palm trees down at Dania Beach? It is just amazing how nature supports itself. What’s also interesting […]

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