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These Tips Will Create a Superb Tropical Landscaping Style In Pompano Beach

Did you know that Pompano Beach is referred to as “the Heart of the Gold Coast”? It is found smack in between Miami and Palm Beach but it boasts of its own vast array of exciting destinations. You can never run out of interesting things to do in this sun-kissed location. Are you an outdoor person? There is a fishing pier that’s a thousand feet long, with picnic sites and grills. Moreover, if you love sports, you can’t exhaust the over 50 parks where you can enjoy a day out.

But with all these outdoor options, you may also be wondering how to create a relaxing outdoor experience right at home. Here are the tips you’ve been looking for to create an authentic tropical landscaping style.

The Must-Haves

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Think about it. If you’re recreating a beach-like environment, there are things you can’t miss. They include sand and water features. The same applies to a tropical landscaping style. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss out on- tropical plants and trees. The following post gives some good suggestions:

Bird Of Paradise

I always mention birds of paradise when mentioning indoor plants, but the truth is, they can grow outdoors too. It is easy to grow and it has bright flowers that automatically look tropical, fitting into a tropical landscape.


People tend to underestimate ferns because they can grow almost anywhere, they are easy to keep alive, and they have been popular for decades. But there are many different types of ferns, so finding a unique one isn’t difficult.

Banana Tree

Is there anything more tropical than a banana tree? Banana trees are surprisingly easy to take care of and they produce fruit. So not only do they look great they offer you summertime snacks that are extra tasty. Read more at Homedit

You could also incorporate elephant ears and tropical flowers that brighten your space.

How To Do It

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Tropical environments in their natural style are simply wild and jungle-like. So, as you set off to plant your tropical plants, trees and flowers here’s how to do it:

  1. Go big, go bold.

Tropical gardens are defined by plants with large, vibrant leaves and bright blooms. Palm trees, birds of paradise and alocasias are good examples of tropical plants to include in your backyard oasis. Carry the bright colors beyond the blooms to include teal cushions or a hot pink side table in your decor.

  1. Control the chaos.

A wild, jungle or rainforest look is part of creating a tropical vibe, but you don’t want your guests to need a machete to make their way to your outdoor living areas. Keep the larger plants and palms close enough to walkways and patios to create an enclosed, canopy feel without having them so close that you have to push huge leaves out of the way to walk by them. Read more at Install It Direct

Think of it as “controlled chaos” or a “peaceful mess”. Yeah, tropical vibes are interesting like that. You won’t lose the authentic feel of the tropical jungle but it will also be somewhat controlled.

What Else To Include

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Now that this is a “domesticated” tropical vibe, you have the option of adding some extra features. If you put a little thought into it, you’ll end up with a masterpiece. Here are some fantastic ideas:


Because tropical gardens are usually abundant with plants, using rocks as a design element can add some interesting texture and drama. Rocks also hold onto heat, an important factor for regulating temperature for plants used to a hot climate.

Garden Decor

Tropical gardens are usually very colorful and lush, to begin with, but using pieces of sculpture and furnishings can help enhance comfort. Suitable objects for decorating a tropical garden include any representations of tropical birds such as flamingoes, pelicans, or egrets. Furniture could include hanging chairs or hammocks, and comfy chairs made with teak, rattan, or bamboo with colorful cushions that complement the landscape’s bright colors. Read more at The Spruce

Can you already picture how cool your yard would look if you incorporated all these ideas? Guess, what? This can become a reality.

EPS Landscaping and Tree Service is the leading company offering tropical landscaping services to Pompano Beach residents. Our taste and passion for excellence are values you don’t want to miss out on. Call us today and begin the journey toward the transformation of your yard.