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An Overview of Landscaping Sprinkler Systems in Hallandale Beach

Ever wondered about the origin of the name “Hallandale Beach”? Well, it turns out that it was previously just known as Hallandale. There once was a Swedish employee who worked on the Florida East Coast Railroad. His son, Luther Halland, is the person Hallandale Beach was named after.

Little is known about the significance of the Swedish worker or his son. However, that is enough evidence to suggest there must be more to the worker, his son, and the beach. In a similar fashion, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to irrigating the greenery in your yard.

Why Choose Landscaping Sprinkler Systems?

landscape lighting

Hallandale Beach, just like most of Florida, experiences very high temperatures during the summer months. July, for example, could have up to ten sunshine hours daily. This can be bad news for your yard. However, with landscaping sprinklers, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Your landscape is the first thing that people observe when they enter your home so you need a landscape design that will bring out the distinctiveness and natural beauty of your yard and lawn.

Watering is one of the main components of maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn. Sprinkler systems are one of the best ways to distribute precise amounts of water to specific areas.

Lawns can be watered with a portable sprinkler or an automatic sprinkler system. In whichever case, they need spray overlap for complete lawn and bed coverage. Manual lawn sprinklers are cheap and must be moved all over the lawn. Automatic sprinkler systems provide outstanding coverage and if used correctly, are the most efficient form of watering. Read more at Choice Landscaping Services…

You can have a completely different experience when you install landscaping sprinkler systems in your yard. This way, the hot Florida sun won’t pose a threat to your plants.

Special Benefits of Landscaping Sprinkler Systems

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There are obvious benefits that come with installing a sprinkler system. You’ll have a lush green landscape, your curb appeal will improve and you’ll save water in the process. That’s not all; you get to benefit in many more ways with such a system.

It is easy to use sprinkler systems for roof farming as all you need is to call a team of professionals for installation. Some people also use the sprinkler systems for cooling their roofs in the extreme temperatures. By keeping the roofs cooler, they improve the energy efficiency of homes.

Whether you choose roof farming or cooling your roof, sprinklers systems are highly suitable for both purposes…

The sprinkler systems are pretty convenient to be used by any person. Even a grown-up child can operate the system as all you need is to turn on a switch. The sprinklers are installed and fixed at positions according to the position of plants or lawns. Read more at Dreamlands Design…

Clearly, investing in a landscaping sprinkler system is a smart move for Hallandale Beach residents. There’s everything to gain from it, and in a vast number of ways.

What To Expect

sprinkler system installation

If you are considering getting landscaping sprinkler systems, it is advisable to do your research and talk to the experts. Even so, here is a bit of what you should anticipate:

Underground sprinkler systems are typically installed by a professional landscaping service using the most up-to-date products and equipment. This is because installing these systems requires knowledge of lawn zones, pressure systems, and common installation issues. The first step involves the installation of piping located 12 inches underground and strategically placed within your lawn zones. This is to ensure proper watering techniques with the use of sprinkler heads that rise above the ground level when water is pushed through the pipes. Read more at Omnissal…

As a Hallandale Beach homeowner, you deserve the best irrigation services in Broward County. That is why EPS Landscaping and Tree Services exists. We’ll deliver a fully functional landscaping sprinkler system that will guarantee your yard stays healthy and beautiful all year round. Call us today for the best services in town!