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Benefits of a Sprinkler Irrigation System for Hollywood Residents

In 1925 Joseph Young founded the city of Hollywood. It was dubbed “Hollywood by the sea” as a way of distinguishing it from Hollywood in Los Angeles. The gentleman wanted to create his dream city in Florida. Many years later, the city has become the place to visit, and a popular tourist destination. Just as Young created a dream city, you can create your dream yard right in your Hollywood home. And you’ll probably need a sprinkler irrigation system for this.

Sprinkler irrigation is a method of applying water to plants in the same way that light rain does. The system is set up using pipes that are connected to a water source. A pump may be included where needed. The pump pushes water through the pipe and it is sprayed into the air through the sprinklers. The sprinklers transmit the water in form of small water droplets. Below are some of the benefits associated with the sprinkler irrigation system.

Benefit #1: It is Convenient

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For many homeowners, watering the yard during dry seasons is usually a big hassle. The task consists of endless hours of self-watering using a hosepipe. This is not just tiresome but can also be very inconvenient. It’s not exactly how you want to spend your time when you’ve got lots of important things to do. With a sprinkler system, you get to save your time and energy as described below:

After the installation is complete, inground sprinkler systems are the easiest way for homeowners to water their lawns. Watering with a hose or manual sprinkler requires planning and a lot of time. With an inground sprinkler system, you simply schedule it to run when and how long you want, and you’re finished. Some sprinkler systems can now be controlled with a smartphone app giving homeowners even more convenience and control. Read more from Simply Green Plumbing…

This means you don’t have to be on-site whenever your yard needs to be watered. You can now attend to other things that demand your attention with no worries.

Benefit #2: It’s easy to set up and use

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As you do your research on the available irrigation systems, you will find that most sprinkler systems are very easy to use. Considerable time may be spent setting it up to your liking, and according to your garden needs. But once those needs are met, and everything is set, it will be very easy to use later on.

Sprinkler systems are easy to use. Just set the sprinkler up, let it rip, and large areas get irrigated in short periods of time. Some sprinkler systems are very cheap too, as all you really need is a sprinkler and a hose. Automatic sprinkler systems can be easy as well, once it’s hooked up. All you have to do is set the watering time and the system does all the rest, making sure your lawn and/or garden is watered right when you want it to be. Read more from Gardening Channel…

With a sprinkler irrigation system, all you need to do is turn it on and let it run until your yard is fully watered.

Benefit #3: It saves on water bills.

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As a homeowner, you want your home environment to be one that oozes life. An irrigation system makes this a plausible goal. By watering your plants using the sprinkler system, you largely increase their chances of growing to be healthy. With a proper sprinkler irrigation system, you can save on cost. How?

When you set the timer and the correct water pressure for your irrigation system, you guarantee the same amount of water use every time. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about overwatering with portable lawn sprinklers or having to move them around during the day. When all areas of your lawn are watered at the same time every day, you cut back on water usage, thus saving money on your water bills. Assess the weather every day and save even more money by pausing your system on days with rain in the forecast. Also, set your system to irrigate your lawn before the sun comes up, to give the blades time to absorb the water and hold onto moisture before the sun can evaporate it. Read more from Green Acres…

If you have a garden and are looking for efficient ways to water it, then you should consider setting up a sprinkler system. EPS Landscaping & Tree Service recommends this system for every homeowner that desires a perfectly green garden. Need such a system set up for you in Hollywood, FL? Or do you have questions about our irrigation services? Call us today!