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How To Care For Your Sprinkler System in Pembroke Pines

The city of Pembroke Pines has a lot of attractions that are sure to excite you. If you are into arts and culture, you will certainly find a bunch of interesting places to visit. There are also a vast number of parks here. Moreover, the schools in Pembroke Pines are quite outstanding. It’s definitely a great place to settle down if you are planning to relocate.

Just like many other places in Florida, Pembroke Pines residents need some form of irrigation system to keep their landscape looking fresh and green. This post will explore how to identify and fix problems with an irrigation system.

Troubleshooting Your Sprinkler System


The sprinkler system is considered among the best options available. It is both efficient and effective in distributing water to plants. It is important to keep it in good working condition. So how can you tell when your system is not working well?

One or More Zones Will Not Turn on or Stay on
A sprinkler system with a zone that will not turn on or off has either a malfunctioning timer, zone valve or a short in the low-voltage wire. An experienced technician uses certain visual clues to reduce the possibilities while diagnosing the system. For instance, if water seeps past a zone valve after disconnecting power to the timer, the technician knows the problem occurs in the zone valve. When the technician suspects an electrical fault, he uses a multimeter to read voltage and continuity across each individual system part, thus isolating the faulty device. Read more at Dengarden

There are obvious things that tell you something is wrong. An example is when the sprinkler shoots out water like a geyser. Such an issue is easy to detect.

The Less Noticeable Issues

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However, there are other less prominent issues that would need more inspection. That’s the only way you’ll be able to uncover hidden issues, such as the one described below:

Lack of Pressure
Similar to a showerhead, if your sprinkler system doesn’t have the right level of pressure, water can’t reach and adequately hydrate your lawn.

A loss of pressure in a certain zone or on a single sprinkler head could be a sign of a malfunction in your sprinkler system. Both too much and too little pressure can pose a problem.

Not enough pressure means your yard isn’t getting the right amount of water, whereas too much pressure can cause flooding and pooling. Another side effect of too much pressure is an overworked and worn out system. Read more at Sunrise Irrigation…

If you’re a busy person or just not paying attention, you’ll hardly notice a change in pressure. Regularly inspecting your sprinkler system will help you detect any hidden issues early.

Sprinkler Maintenance Practices

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So, apart from scheduling regular inspections, you can also employ some simple maintenance routines that will go a long way to ensure your system works well longer.

Sprinkler heads can easily become clogged with dirt and other ground residue. Clogged sprinkler heads impact the distribution of water across the lawn, potentially leading to patches that are drier and browner than others. Making sure sprinkler heads are clean and clear will keep the whole system running properly.

Set yourself an annual reminder to clean sprinkler heads to make sure they continue to flow water properly and that water pressure remains consistent. Read more at Bob Vila…

Another great way to keep your sprinkler system going is working with irrigation systems experts. At EPS Landscaping and Tree Services, we ensure your systems are always in their best condition. Call us today if you need any help with your sprinkler irrigation system.