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3 Best Grass Types To Consider For Your Sod Installation in Hollywood

These days, most people have a bucket list of favorite places they would like to visit. Florida’s beaches have been an exciting option. To be precise, Hollywood has caught the attention of many a traveler. There are tons of factors that make it the ideal place to visit. One of them, for art lovers, is the ArtsPark at Young Circle. It features a spacious 10-acre area dedicated to children’s play activities, as well as a pavilion for visual arts and water sculpture.

You can imagine a 10-acre site that can host a play area for children. What kind of grass do you think they have there? You can transform your yard and have a lush lawn if you opt for sod installation. Yet, even with that, you need to choose the right kind of grass- the one that can thrive in Hollywood weather. Here are 3 types to consider:


3 Best Grass Types To Consider For Your Sod Installation in Hollywood

It was first seen in the US in 1914. Originally, it was used as pasture grass. It can be categorized as a “warm-season grass”, making it ideal for the climate in Hollywood. Here are some more details about it.

A naturally deep root system makes Bahiagrass very drought-tolerant, even in the sandy soils common to the Southeast. Its natural texture is more coarse than many regional grasses, particularly cool-season grasses common in northern zones. Though Bermudagrass has greater drought tolerance in sand, few other warm-season grasses match Bahia on this strength. Bahiagrass prefers full sun, but it tolerates limited shade better than Bermuda. It also has better tolerance for poorly drained soils.2

Since its pasture-grass beginnings, some Bahiagrass varieties have proven themselves for lawn use in the heat- and humidity-prone Southeast. Its lawn use extends from Florida through the southern Coastal Planes to the Texas Gulf Coast. For homeowners in this challenging turf zone, these Bahiagrass varieties offer benefits other warm-season grasses don’t. Read more at Pennington

Go for this if your lawn doesn’t have a lot of shade. You’ll be surprised at how it’ll thrive!


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This type is also perfect because it was first bred in a tropical climate. So, it is ideal for your yard in Hollywood. The following post explains more about it:

EMPIRE Zoysia is a dark green, medium-bladed grass that was bred in Brazil. Because of this, it was built to endure tropical climates and high temperatures. This is an ideal situation for Florida residents because it means that the grass is suited to thrive in the Florida summers. What’s perfect about this is that you can shut off the water supply during severe periods of drought and it won’t harm the grass. That’s only a fraction of what makes this grass great, however. It is also resistant to chinch bugs, a species of pest that is frequently found in Florida. Beyond this, it also requires less mowing and chemical treatments. In fact, because it is more tolerant and durable than other sods, it is perfect for playing on.  Read more at Sod Depot Florida

If you’re looking for low-maintenance, bug-resistant grass, go for this one.

St. Augustine Grass

sprinkler system installation

This type of grass is also a perfect choice for Floridian weather. It doesn’t mind the full sun and it grows faster than you could imagine. Read on to discover why it’s such a good choice for your yard.

Its status comes down to its tendency to grow like a weed without resembling one—that is, it springs up faster than you can blink. It’s an ideal pick for warm areas because it hates the cold. It’s not particularly fond of shade, either, so don’t worry about filling your yard with trees, and don’t trash talk your grass.

St. Augustine, known scientifically as Stenotaphrum secundatum, is practically impervious to drought, which is another bonus. Miami’s average temperatures soar relatively high all year long, and they’re especially sweltering in the summer. The grass doesn’t care. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s not bothered by extreme salt levels. Read more at Lawn Starter

Sunshine, pH levels, and shade are a no-brainer for this kind of grass. By all means, it’s a winner whichever way you look at it.

Need an expert’s advice for your sod installation project in Hollywood, FL? Go ahead and get in touch with our team of professionals. You will absolutely love the outcome. We look forward to hearing from you and making your lawn more inviting- and the envy of your neighbors!