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Smart Irrigation System: Your Path To A Greener Yard in Deerfield Beach

As is the case in every place in Broward County, Deerfield Beach has an interesting history. First, its name was chosen because there were many deer in the area. Second, farmers were the first occupants of the area. They were involved in both crop production and fishing. One might wonder whether the deer settled first or the farmers. That’s the kind of info you would find in the area’s historical archives – not here. Even so, over time, the area has become famous as a tourist destination, and there is a lot to discover in this city.

An interesting characteristic of Deerfield Beach is that the temperatures can be quite high. This may affect your landscaping plants severely. However, with a smart irrigation system, you can kiss your troubles good-bye! This post will explore the possibilities you stand to gain from smart irrigation systems. To start us off, let’s first get a feel of what they are all about.

What Is a Smart Irrigation System?

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As the name suggests, this is a system of watering your yard that relies on technology to work. It is built for efficiency and effectiveness. It takes landscaping maintenance to another level and you get to relax and enjoy the amazing outcomes.

Smart irrigation systems tailor watering schedules and run times automatically to meet specific landscape needs. These controllers significantly improve outdoor water use efficiencies.

Unlike traditional irrigation controllers that operate on a preset programmed schedule and timers, smart irrigation controllers monitor weather, soil conditions, evaporation and plant water use to automatically adjust the watering schedule to actual conditions of the site. Read more at HydroPoint…

This is a winning technology because it has the ability to adjust itself according to the actual state of your yard. Think of it as your trusted partner in ensuring your yard is in its best condition at all times.

How Does It Work?

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You’ve probably heard of the concept behind a smart house. One which is connected to Wi-Fi internet and which you can control or monitor from wherever you are. Well, the concept of a smart irrigation system does more for you than give you control. It makes use of vital information on how to best manage your yard.

A programmable irrigation system allows homeowners and property managers to set a timer which automatically turns lawn sprinklers on and off. These systems have overrides which can prevent the sprinklers from running when nature takes over the job of watering the lawn, but these overrides must be operated manually.

Not so with smart irrigation! Smart irrigation advantages include the ability to monitor either local weather conditions or the actual ground moisture level. Thus, smart irrigation systems automatically adjust watering schedules according to the actual needs of the lawn. Read more at Gardening Know How…

Basically, with a smart irrigation system, you have a better chance of creating a beautiful yard. This is possible even if you are a beginner who knows nothing about yard care. With such a system, you are definitely the winner!

What Do You Gain From A Smart Irrigation System?

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It goes without saying, that you’ll save water if you have a smart irrigation system in place. This is a major advantage. And that’s not all:

One of the other major advantages of a smart irrigation system is that precision watering in smart irrigation also deals with efficiencies in the delivery of the water. There are generally four types of delivery: surface, sprinklers, trickle and subsurface methods.

Surface irrigation is the most traditional method, and it distributes water through irrigation ditches, letting gravity do the work. Sprinklers distribute water through the air like rain and can be fixed or mobile. Trickle irrigation spreads water very locally to the ground surface. Subsurface methods are buried next to the plant’s root zone and apply water below the ground. Trickle systems and subsurface methods generally save the most water given their ability to reduce loss to evaporation. Read more at Internet of Things Agenda…

You’ll not only save water, but you’ll also have it delivered in a way that is precise and right on target. This eliminates the possibility of saving water but destroying plants in the process.

If this sounds like a good deal for you, go ahead and get in touch with EPS Landscaping and Tree Services, we offer smart irrigation system service and repair. You can also call us for any inquiries and a free quote on your project. Call us today!