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Simple Tree Installation Ideas To Consider For Your Dania Beach Yard

Looking for the ideal location to spend your upcoming vacation with family? Consider Dania Beach. The weather is perfect, the beach environment refreshing, and the entertainment spots inexhaustible. No, don’t imagine that Dania Beach has an overrated reputation. The beaches have earned it an award-winning status as “Blue Wave Beaches”. And to add the cherry on the cake, it is close to Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood- so you have multiple destinations to select from.

As a resident of Dania Beach, you could make a point of enjoying these holiday spots. And if you feel you’ve exhausted all there is to see, then consider transforming your yard into a relaxation spot. Floridian weather can be very refreshing if you have the right kind of trees in your yard. How about installing trees and giving yourself a treat?

Trees For Large Yards

Simple Tree Installation Ideas To Consider For Your Dania Beach Yard

Do you have extensive space in your yard? Then you may want to have trees that occupy a significant amount of space. The natural shade would be excellent for relaxation spots with gazebos, benches or raised beds.

The bald cypress is a tree that can live for as long as 600 years. Native to Florida, It can grow over 100 feet tall and as much as 30 feet wide, so you need to ensure that you have the space for it. This tree flourishes in both wet and dry conditions, so you don’t have to worry about over or under-watering it.

The bald cypress is a deciduous conifer. It loses its needles every fall and regrows them in spring. This makes the tree unique because most conifers are evergreen. Another interesting aspect of this tree is its tendency to change coloring depending on the season. Its needles are green in spring and summer, then orange and red in fall, like leaves on other trees. Read more at All About Gardening

You could also consider banana or citrus trees if you prefer a fruit tree in your yard.

Trees For Small Yards

Simple Tree Installation Ideas To Consider For Your Dania Beach Yard

Not everyone has the luxury of a large yard, but this shouldn’t stop you from having a private outdoor relaxation spot under the trees. Here are some examples to consider:

If your yard can’t accommodate some of the larger privacy fence trees, the Spartan Juniper is a great option for mid-sized backyards. Planted in a row, Spartan Junipers provide a stately, uniform look to any backyard, and their compact foliage makes them effective windbreak trees.

What You Need to Know

Height Range: 15 feet

Width Range: 3-5 feet

Sunlight Guidelines: Full (6+ hours of direct sun per day)

Planting Guidelines: Spartan Junipers prefer dryer soil and lots of sunlight. To prevent root rot and other ailments, make sure not to overwater them and plant them about 5 feet apart. These trees don’t do well with heavy pruning, so be sure to plant them in spaces they will fit naturally at their full size. Read more at Budget Dumpster

You can also consider the Sky Pencil Holly which grows to about 8-10 feet. It’s a perfect choice to create the privacy you need around your home.

Heat-Resistant Trees

Simple Tree Installation Ideas To Consider For Your Dania Beach Yard

If you’ve been wondering which trees can withstand the Floridian heat and still thrive, consider these ones.

Acacia. Although it’s an exotic tree, Acacia is widely adaptable to nearly any landscape, but they especially thrive in the heat. With small blooms in the spring and colorful foliage in the fall, acacia will grow quickly, soaking up the sun and giving you cool shade in return. Hardy to zones 9-11.

Ash. One of the more low maintenance trees, ash trees can span up to 80’ in height with sprawling, shade creating branches. Make sure you have enough space for a full-grown ash, then chose from one of over 50 varieties. Hardy to zones 4-9.

Buckeye. Tuck buckeyes into the back parts of your property, as they will drop plenty of leaves and large seeds. Those seeds, though, can be germinated and sprouted to grow a new tree if you are up for the task. Buckeye trees need lots of water but will grow tall and tolerate heat well. Hardy to zones 4-7.  Read more at The Spruce

You’re probably already having a mental picture of your beautiful yard now. This can soon become a reality.

Need expert advice as you plan for your tree installation and professional hands to execute the plans? Look no further than EPS Landscaping & Tree Service. We are passionate about bringing out the best in our clients’ yards. Call us today to begin your yard transformation journey!