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Three Simple Pool Landscaping Ideas For Any Pool in Pembroke Pines

Did you know that Pembroke Pines began as a mostly agricultural town? Most of the land was used for agriculture and there were dairy farms that grew larger after the second world war. Also, did you know that Pembroke Pines was home to American Indians first seen approximately 4,000 years ago? Well, it turns out that there’s a lot to learn about Pembroke Pines. Even so, this rich history gives a great heritage for the current generation.

One of the things to appreciate about Pembroke Pines is the hot summers. But if you have a pool at home, this season is perfect for swimming. You may want to consider these landscaping ideas to enhance your swimming pool experience.

Low-maintenance Gardens

Three Simple Pool Landscaping Ideas For Any Pool in Pembroke Pines

There’s nothing as beautiful as swimming within an environment that feels natural. For sure, swimming at home should feel nothing like swimming in a public pool. Here’s how to enhance your residential swimming experience.

Succulent gardens

A succulent garden is easy to maintain, and the exotic textures and shapes of cacti, jade, and agave will pop in your landscape. Fleshy leaves help these succulents conserve water, making them the perfect plants for first-time plant owners who would much rather swim in the pool than spend the afternoon looking for the watering can.

Rock gardens

Rock gardens are another excellent, low-maintenance garden near the pool. Design your rock garden with xeriscaping, and you’ll make those maintenance requirements even lower.

Rock gardens accentuate stones of various shapes, sizes, and colors and go great with drought-resistant plants like cacti and succulents. You won’t have to spend much time pulling weeds or watering, and you can carefully arrange all of your favorite stones, like river rocks, pea gravel, or large boulders. Read more at Lawn Starter…

The last thing you need is to feel like you have extra work to take care of your pool garden. Now you have an easy solution.

Thoughtful Hardscaping

landscape lighting

Apart from the living things around your pool, you can as well spice up your pool area with fancy hardscaping ideas. They don’t have to be complex, just witty and tactful.

A harmonizing walkway

Think walkways are only for front entrances? Think again: laying some gorgeous stones between your deck and your pool area is like rolling out a red carpet for your outdoor space. A backyard walkway can effortlessly link two halves of the same garden together for a natural, harmonious look and feel.

Popular choices include a playful trail of individual stones, a flagstone-inspired design, and faux-wood options that blend the longevity of concrete with the rustic simplicity of grainy wood.

Sleek Simple Slabs

For the minimalist at heart, large patio slabs can create a spa-like vibe for your backyard pool. You can choose a single shade for the entire pool area, or create a zen-like pattern using complementary colours. No matter if you go with smooth, slate, classic concrete, or a statement textured slab, you’ll end up with an outdoor hardscape that radiates calm, quiet, and relaxation. Read more at Techo Bloc

Yes, the right kind of hardscaping features can completely transform your pool area experience.

Lighting Ideas

water feature

Summers are great in the way the warm temps can be enjoyed well into the evening. So, if you enjoy evening swims, you can enhance your swimming experience by including some fancy pool lighting ideas.

Fireplace lighting

Looking for a simpler, more natural lighting source for your pool? There’s nothing that beats a firepit. It’s an active, breathing source of light that doubles as a stunning accent piece.

It catches attention, illuminates your backyard, and keeps everyone nearby warm.

Really, what better way is there to cozy up on a chilly night than by huddling around a fire? It’s relaxing, comfortable, and a tradition as old as history itself.

No matter what time of the year, a poolside firepit adds the perfect ambiance to your backyard pool. Read more at Medallion Energy…

Pool lighting ideas will make your yard look great and even when you are not swimming, you can enjoy the pool area entertaining your guests on an evening event.

For these and more pool landscaping ideas, consult with the EPS Landscaping and Tree Service experts. We enjoy making transforming homes into ideal holiday destinations- places where you look forward to visiting. Call us today for the best deals in town!