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These Are The Signs To Look Out For To Show You Need a Retainer Wall

Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex has recently installed a diving tower that is one of a kind. The tower’s platform stands at 27 meters, the only other of this height is found in China. So if you are an adrenaline junkie, this is for you.

The aquatic complex has been under renovation recently. If you’re dealing with soil erosion and flooding in your yard and don’t have enough space for your garden, you may want to consider a renovation too. The above mentioned are signs that you need a retaining wall and here’s why:

Soil Erosion


Have you noticed that your yard has exposed roots, especially after a rainy season? This could be a sign of erosion. It could also be that all you see are patches of grass in the garden. This happens when rainwater washes away healthy soil, hence killing grass.

All these could be signs that erosion is occurring in your yard and you need retaining walls.

Changes in weather can have a dramatic impact on your property’s soil. Excess rain, as well as melting snow and ice must have someplace to go. If the runoff is heavy and isn’t directed properly, it may drag soil away with it.

Soil erosion makes it more likely that bushes and trees will fail instead of thriving. It also puts landscaping at risk of collapsing into spaces like your beautiful porch or driveway, leaving you with costly and frustrating cleanups to deal with. Read more from R and M Concrete…


retaining wall

Did you know that too much water is dangerous for plants? This is a common scenario with flooding. When a garden has a low point in the middle, it is easy for water to stagnate there. This can cause a lot of damage to the garden and even attract mosquitos.

But what if you can create a way to drain the water using retaining walls?

Retaining walls can effectively help direct the drainage in your yard. It’s extremely important that water from the rain, sprinkler system, hose, etc. doesn’t flow back towards the house so the foundation is safe from water damage and other structural problems that come from it. A drain can be installed in the base of the retaining wall to help redirect the water. Read more from Restore My Patio…

Lack of gardening space

retaining wall

For many homeowners gardening space is a necessity, and lacking it can be extremely painful. This is often the case when you’re in a hilly spot. But did you know you can solve this using a retainer wall?

If you lack flat ground in your yard so that you can add a garden of any kind, a retaining wall can fix that. Even the most basic wall can raise the level of your yard, creating a flat area that can be planted with a garden ready to tend. The wall will not only provide you a flat area to work on, but keeps the soil from washing away due to erosion and prevents it from becoming too waterlogged to plant in. Read more from Zwaggle…

So don’t rule out that backyard yet. It could create the most amazing garden in your neighborhood.

Who will build the retainer wall for me? This is a good question. Retainer wall installation tends to be very technical and needs a lot of expertise. Therefore your best bet would be to get a professional to do it for you. Here in Fort Lauderdale, EPS Landscaping has experts in retainer wall installation. Reach out to us at any time.