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How To Achieve A Rich Landscape Design in Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach residents know how amazing the Deerfield Beach Boardwalk is. Residents and visitors get to enjoy nature there in a most relaxing way. You’ll take in the beautiful scenes around the Atlantic Ocean. Simply watching and hearing the waves rising and crushing will refresh you. And if you are a sentimental person, there are plenty of seashells to collect. Moreover, you will also enjoy walking in the sand barefoot. This is the spot where all your senses will be tingled. Are you a tourist looking for a place to visit in Deerfield Beach? You can’t go wrong with this one.

The good news is that thanks to modern landscape design, you can create a similar wholesome experience at home. This post will discuss some of your considerations as you plan to create a rich landscape right in your home.

Incorporate All Landscape Design Concepts

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Yes, your landscape design is incomplete without the following concepts: harmony, balance, proportion, and transition.

Unity is the effective use of elements in a design to convey a theme. Unity is achieved by implementing a design consistently over a landscape through mass planting or repetition. Whereas balance is a term of comparison between two segments of a landscape, unity pertains to the overall picture of a landscape. Unity has been achieved when the viewer senses that all the individual elements of a landscape fit together to form a coherent theme…

Proportion is the sense or requirement that the size of the individual components or groups of components in a landscape fit into the whole landscape harmoniously. One way to achieve proportion is through proper use of transition applied to the size of the respective components. A landscape that fails to convey good proportion is one that is marred by abrupt transitions. Read more at The Spruce…

When you ensure your landscape has all these in place, you’ll transform your outdoor area into a comfort-giving haven. You’ll always be looking forward to the therapy it guarantees after a hard day’s work.

Make Your Landscape Therapeutic

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Just like a visit to the Deerfield Beach Boardwalk can give you a relaxing feeling, so should your landscape. Landscape design shouldn’t just be about the materials. There’s much more to it:

The human emotive reactions stimulated by an environment are positive or negative dualities: beautiful (attraction) vs. ugly (repulsion), pleasure vs. displeasure, comfort vs. discomfort, likes vs. dislikes, safety (security) vs. danger (fear), happy vs. sad, engaging vs. repetitive, comprehension vs. confusion, etc. Specific variables will be associated with specific senses.

The primary psychology of the design principle is ‘defensible space’. We are comfortable when we feel like there is enough ‘wall barrier’ and when we have superior visual viewpoint vantages. These two elements together in our surroundings allow for lesser dependence on barriers. It gives us a sense of security and a view with extent, thus giving our eyes pleasure, along with relaxation. Landscape design is a process of creating space that will impart a character of feeling or emotion. The aspect of the emotional impact is often abandoned for aesthetics and the materials. Read more at Re-thinking The Future…

You’ll need to work with a thoughtful landscape designer to achieve all this. By the end of this post, you’ll know who to consult. However, even as you take care of your therapeutic needs, you also need to think of the environment.

Make it Environmentally Sustainable

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With the world as it is today, every decision’s environmental impact is critical. Therefore, your landscape design should have a positive relationship with the environment. Here are some ideas:

Something as straightforward as planting trees can have a big impact on the sustainability of your landscape design and offer a range of benefits.

Passive heating uses natural means to lower home heating and cooling costs. By planting deciduous trees around your home, they will shade windows and doors in the summer for a cooling effect and then allow warm sun through in winter after the leaves have fallen. Shielding your heat pump from the hot summer sun with trees can also help to improve your AC efficiency by up to 30%.

Some of the other benefits of planting trees for sustainable landscaping include blocking out unwanted noises, improving the general air quality around the house and reducing your overall carbon footprint. Read more at Natural Landscape Group…

With the ideas above, it’s clear to see how your landscape design can be invaluable. You can tap more than its aesthetic appeal and enjoy its therapeutic and environmental benefits as well.

At EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, it would be our absolute pleasure to make your landscape design come alive. We know the wealth and value of a thoughtful landscape design. We guarantee your satisfaction when you choose us to transform your yard. Call us today!