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What Causes Retainer Wall Failure in Deerfield Beach?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has come with its own share of troubles apart from the medical ones. Many have been forced to stay indoors. Also, in some cases, many have opted to stay indoors even without any Government laws. For the latter, the only motivation to go out is to get essential supplies. But if you’re at Deerfield Beach in Florida, you don’t want to miss out on Deerfield Island Park.

The park offers perfect picnic grounds while you’re social distancing from strangers. Just a boat ride away from Deerfield, this is a lifetime chance to see wild animals just feet away. You also get to take walks in uneven dirt trails. Use this place to escape the scare of the pandemic. And as a homeowner, you can also get tips that will save you from the scare of a failed retainer wall by the end of this post.

Cause #1: Using super wet soil during the cold season

What Causes Retainer Wall Failure in Deerfield Beach?

Having soil that is extremely wet is setting yourself up for disaster especially during the cold season. You should know that water expands when the earth freezes in times like winter. With this expansion, your wall could end up cracking. Another problem is that when the soil dries up, the area behind the wall could end up collapsing. To remedy this make sure you compact the soil properly and avoid extremely wet soil.

Even if the retaining wall had sufficient gravel backfill and drainage originally, it can start to crack as the soil shifts behind or underneath it. For example during quick freeze thaw cycles, retaining walls are more likely to crack or collapse. This is because the water expands as it freezes and if the gravel is no longer able to properly drain the water due to debris or mulch build it sits right against the wall and finds its way into cracks or openings.

Also, it’s not just rain that can cause damage – excessive watering can also be the culprit. If you have plants or trees close to a retaining wall, be sure to avoid soaking the ground too much at once. Instead, it’s better to spread out your watering schedule so the soil can absorb it efficiently. Read more from Ray Arnold Masonry…

Cause #2: Using clay soil as a backfill

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After creating your wall, you should add some stones behind it that will act as drainage. But as you add backfill, be careful of the soil you add. Clay soil tends to form balls with lots of air in them. The danger in this is that they create undue pressure on the wall from behind it. To reinforce draining for a clay wall, you can mix it up with sand.

Before you start anything or excavating the land, it is a must to investigate the soil properties. Let us make it clear. Soils that have a higher clay percentage tend to swell after heavy rain. As a result, greater pressure becomes an issue, which pushes the wall. In addition to this, clayey soil retains more water and doesn’t want to dry faster. These types of soils should be avoided to construct the structures. If you don’t have any other ways, then mix sands with these soils to reduce the amount of clay. Read more from Labor Day Race For Home…

Cause #3: Not using enough aggregate

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You don’t want a wall that can’t drain. You should therefore add enough aggregate behind the wall. This you should do with a drainage pipe at the bottom to help with runoff water. The best draining material is sand or gravel. They perform excellently because they don’t hold water.

Often, the primary motivation for having a retaining wall installed is to solve drainage issues. So when landscaping companies skimp on gravel or other drainage promoting material, you could face drainage issues. As a general rule, most retaining wall contractors use at least 12 inches of aggregate when building a retaining wall. Read more from New Life Rockeries…

To avoid all these failures and many more, the number one hack is consulting a professional. A professional brings years of experience to the table all while giving you the finished product you desire. For the perfect retainer wall in Deerfield Beach, you should get a local professional who understands everything about the area. As EPS Landscaping, it is our joy to see your wall standing for years. Call Us Today!