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Mistakes To Avoid When Constructing Your Retainer Wall

A classic feature that brings the sea life to the city in Dania Beach is the Dania Beach Pier. Are you at Dania Beach and wondering where all the people are? Here’s a free tip: they’re at the pier. The pier provides an excellent atmosphere to hang out with friends as you enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Structures like the pier tend to support hundreds of people at a time while supporting the structures built on them. To do this, they need a lot of engineering work to ensure they are safe. Their foundation is built on cylindrical concrete shafts that are fitted into already made holes on the ground to prevent them from collapsing. In the same light, retainer walls need a lot of engineering to ensure they are safe. But some homeowners make mistakes that lead to failure. Here are some you need to watch out for:

1. Lack of wall reinforcement

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You should bear in mind when constructing a retainer wall that it is going to be supporting a large mass of soil. Additionally, the soil on both sides of the wall will likely be at different levels. To prevent the wall from collapsing you will need to reinforce its structure. You can do this with items like metal rods once you have put a proper base for the wall.

Concrete block retaining walls need to be reinforced. This means installing reinforcing rods that tie into the footing, and these rods must be surrounded by a concrete grout in the hollow block cores. Any block wall taller than three feet should be designed by an engineer if you want it to last for decades. Read more from Washington Post…

2. Poor soil compaction

Mistakes To Avoid When Constructing Your Retainer Wall

The danger with uncompacted soil is that it has a lot of air in it and it can easily move. If you are planning to put up a structure over the retainer wall ground, you need compacted soil. This will give your soil stability and a higher level of resistance. Remember also that proper compacting is best done in portions of about 8 inches:

Even if you have only a small wedge of soil to retain, compaction is important. If your failure plane is farther back so your wall needs to retain more fill, weight and pressure, then compaction and a reinforcing grid become critical. These two things help increase internal friction and direct the pressure of the fill you add downward, rather than at an angle pushing against the wall. Good compaction doesn’t mean dumping a couple of feet of fill behind the wall, then jumping up and down on it in your work boots.

Good compaction means adding 3 or 4 in. of material, compacting it with a heavy, noisy vibrating plate tamper from your friendly neighborhood rental yard, then repeating these steps over and over. Your landscape supplier or block manufacturer (if you’re using modular blocks) can tell you whether you need to install reinforcing grid, and at what intervals. The taller the wall, the more likely you’ll need reinforcing grid. Read more from Family Handyman…

3. Failure to use draining aggregate

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You should prioritize drainage when building your wall. A common mistake you’ll find is when the backfill is done using native soil. For proper drainage, you should ensure you have a good amount of draining aggregate. You can include drainage pipes at the bottom of the aggregate. This will help to keep the water flow out of the retaining wall backfill.

Often, the primary motivation for having a retaining wall installed is to solve drainage issues. So when landscaping companies skimp on gravel or other drainage promoting material, you could face drainage issues. As a general rule, most retaining wall contractors use at least 12 inches of aggregate when building a retaining wall. Read more from Newliferockeries…

Another very common problem for many homeowners is the temptation to go with a DIY retainer wall construction.  Yes, you can get DIY information online and step-by-step instructions on YouTube. But remember your location’s geographical characteristics are different from that of the Youtuber’s. These are details only a specialist in your area understands.

For all your retainer wall construction inquiries in Dania Beach, reach out to EPS Landscaping. We are here for you, so call us today!