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Valid Reasons To Remove a Palm Tree in Coral Springs

Have you heard of the Naples Florida Palm Tree digital artwork by Flo Karp? This piece was created in 2019. The piece of art depicts a lone palm tree and shows the calmness of the beach with the sea waters in the background. You can also see some trees far in the distance. The piece of art has this classic feel as though it’s from the ’90s when they had just discovered colored TV. It is an excellent creation and a big kudos to Flo Karp for this masterpiece. The question you may have is, why is this tree alone?? Were there other palm trees nearby?

You see that can also be like our homes, we may have many trees and we need to get rid of some. But what are some of the conditions that might require you to do this? This article answers your questions.

Is it okay to remove a palm tree?

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A loud yes goes to this answer, If you do a cost-benefit analysis of your property and find that your tree proves to be a liability to you, remove it. Some of the reasons to remove trees could include if the tree is a safety hazard to your home. Yes, you want to aid in solving climate change, but you don’t want to do this in a hospital bed. So remove it ASAP.

Trees support the environment in a handful of ways. They store carbon, protect wildlife, improve land’s ability to adapt to the effects of climate change – among plenty of other benefits.

With trees being so helpful, you might wonder what the cost of cutting down a tree might be.

It’s true that cutting down trees on a large-scale is believed to have negative effects – specifically, this action leads to deforestation and destroys the habitat of animals.

However, cutting down individual trees barely contributes to these problems at all. It is a marginal action compared to the elimination of full forests. Plus, there are many reasons why cutting down a tree might actually support the environment – for example, eliminating a diseased tree will stop the spread of disease to other, healthy trees. Read more from Green Thumb…

Reason #1: Root rot.

Tree removal in Pembroke Pines being completed by arborist at EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC

If your palm tree is rotting in the roots the most likely thing to happen is that the tree is a disaster waiting to happen. The number one disaster is that your tree is about to die. Your palm tree needs its roots to get nutrients. When that is rotten, your tree has no way of getting food.

The second disaster is that your palm tree needs roots for structural support and without that, it will soon fall.

Surface roots are a common problem in large trees and are often very simple to spot. However, if your tree has roots that grow very close to the surface of the ground, this can result in limited access to essential nutrients, and your tree may suffer harm from elements such as animals and machines.

Root rot is another possible issue that your tree may face. If you notice holes appearing on your lawn, this could be a warning sign that your tree’s roots are rotting. Strong roots are essential for supporting a tree and maintaining its structural integrity. If the roots are rotting, they can die at any time, causing your tree to collapse. To prevent the devastation that this could cause, it may be wise to remove the tree. Read more from Newcastle Tree and Stump Removal...

For home renovations

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Construction work needs space and it is common to find the needed space occupied by trees. Say you want to build a pool. At that point, you will need to go ahead and remove your palm trees. Of course, you will have to do this with caution so that you don’t damage anything else as you remove existing palm trees.

When you are ready to expand the footprint of your home or building, or you want to create an outdoor living space where a tree is located, you may have to consider removal to accommodate your expansion plans. The tree may not be considered a hazard, it just simply is right in the path of planned construction and must be removed to create space. Read more from Wright Outdoor Solutions…

To remove your palm trees you can reach out to EPS Landscaping. We are your local Coral Springs palm tree removal experts. Call us today!