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3 Things You Need to Know before Choosing a Professional Tree Service Company

If you drove along U.S 1 some years ago, you must have seen the majestic baobab tree that had for long been a Dania Beach landmark. What you might not have known is that the tree was originally from Africa and was moved to Florida in the 1920s. The tree would have at some point been cut down for the highway but members of the public stood up for the tree.

Another disaster would still loom when the tree almost died from a bad pruning job. This is why this post is about professional tree work. You’ll get the knowledge you need to sieve out the arborists you encounter to make sure that you get the best- only the best. Enjoy!

Is hiring an arborist a good investment?

3 Things You Need to Know before Choosing a Professional Tree Service Company

If you’re like most people, you probably only think about your trees when they need to be trimmed or removed. However, regular tree care is important for the overall health of your trees and can prevent a number of problems down the road. The joy of it is that it is not a gamble. With services like tree removal, disease diagnosis, and insect treatment on their resume, you know your arborist is equipped to handle anything.

Hiring an arborist is an important investment. It can be helpful for property owners to have some basic knowledge about certification, experience, training and expertise when making a choice about who to hire.

A healthy tree adds value to a property and improves the surrounding environment. It serves as habitat for important animals, birds and insects while enhancing the lives of people.

Professional arborists are trained to provide proper care and management and to help maintain healthy trees. Their expertise may include planting, transplanting, fertilizing, pruning and tree removal. They are also skilled at diagnosing pest problems, removing infected parts of trees, and applying pesticides if necessary. An unhealthy tree or a tree in poor condition can become an eyesore and a hazard. Read more from UMN…

How to find an arborist

3 Things You Need to Know before Choosing a Professional Tree Service Company

You can do some research on arborist services online. This will help you to see what arborists in your area are offering and whether they are reputable service providers. Good arborists will offer a wide range of tree care services, not just tree removal and pruning, but also tree planting, disease diagnosis, and more.

You may wonder where to find an arborist. One thing to do is to check the phone directory to find those individuals and companies listed under “tree services.” You can also ask friends and neighbors about arborists they have used in their yards.

Don’t ever hire people who knock on your door offering tree cutting or pruning services, especially after a big storm. These may be untrained opportunists looking to make money from fearful residents. Find out whether the person offers most of the services arborists provide.

Pick an arborist with equipment such as an appropriate truck, a hydraulic boom, a wood chipper as well as a chainsaw. If a person doesn’t have any tree equipment, they likely aren’t a professional.

Another way to find someone with expertise is to look for arborists who have been certified by the ISA. Read more from Gardening Know How…

Make sure you check out the arbor’s credentials on their website before hiring any arborist so you know exactly who is doing the work at your home or business. You can also ask a friend to refer you to an arborist they have worked with.

When choosing a tree company, pick one that prioritizes safety.

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Doing tree work yourself can be dangerous, so hiring a professional arborist may be the wisest choice for your wallet and safety. While doing so make sure your arborist is experienced, reputable and offers high-quality work, and has excellent customer service reviews. You do not want an arborist who does not guarantee your safety as they do their work.

Some other factors to consider involve the overall safety of the company’s workers and the people living or working on the property as well as the property itself. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have an accident on their property only to find that the tree service isn’t insured. This is why any tree care company should be fully insured.

But preventing accidents in the first place should also be a major concern. This, of course, is done with safety precautions and proper equipment. Safety precautions ensure that no one is taking any unnecessary risks and proper equipment, such as hard hats, safety harnesses, and eye protection, is the least a reputable service can do for its employees.  Read more from Boutte Tree…

When it comes to your trees, don’t just leave things up to chance – make sure you get professional tree care from a qualified tree care company. Regular tree care can help prevent future problems and keep your trees healthy and looking great all year round. Contact EPS Landscaping and Tree Services and we will give your tree their best time. Call us today!