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Three Winning Principles of Landscape Design For Residents of Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines is a location like no other. It is quite sizeable and among the top ten largest municipalities within Florida. However, it is also one of the coziest places to live in. It has not lost its community atmosphere, and many people feel right at home in this large town. This is perhaps one of the reasons for its recognition as one of the best cities to live in America.

With all these accolades, there is no reason why your home in Pembroke Pines should not look its best. You can achieve this goal with an elaborate landscape design. Here are some principles to guide you in this process.


landscaping mistakes

Landscape design is not so different from choosing an outfit for an important event. Just as you would want to give thought to your outfit for a killer final look, your landscape also needs planning. The principle of unity should be at the top of your list:

A unified landscape design is harmonious and pleasing to the eye. There is not a cacophony of colors or textures that do not complement each other, but rather, there are balance and symmetry that make visual sense and make the space more enjoyable.

You can achieve unity in your landscape design by choosing an overall theme for the design, selecting complementary colors and textures, implementing smooth transitions, and making sure you plan the entire landscape before breaking ground. Read more at Install It Direct…

Once you achieve unity, you’ve set the right foundation for the rest of the landscape design to rest on. What else should you achieve with your landscape?

Proportion and Balance

Landscape design

These two words may seem to imply the same thing, but they have distinct characteristics and goals. Here is a description of each:

Here proportion implies the size of an object in relation to other objects in the yard. The proportion between the plants and the hardscapes should be duly considered. Proportion is the apparent design among all the others, but it still needs some planning and careful consideration. All the elements in landscape design should have the right proportion.


Balance here implies a sense of equality. There’s symmetrical and asymmetrical balance and we shed light on these two below.

Symmetrical Balance

The two sides of the landscape are identical here.

Asymmetrical Balance

Here, the landscape composition is balanced using diverse elements and objects with nearly identical imaginary weight. Read more at Eden App…

You are at liberty to choose how you’d prefer your landscape design to look. Even so, the various features need to be balanced well and be in the right proportions. This will help you avoid having all features of the same size or at the same place while other areas are left blank. This ties in with the next principle.

Emphasis and Placement

landscape lighting

As you plan for your landscape design, it is important to decide what feature you want at the center of attraction. Is it a water feature such as a fountain? If it is, where should you place it?

The emphasis in landscaping refers to that point where the observer’s eye is first drawn when looking at an environment. This area represents the strongest single element of your design.

The way to draw emphasis to any given area is by using bright colors, interesting types of plants, or some kind of artistic design in your plantings.


It’s very important to plant things where they will receive the proper amount of sun and water exposure. This gives them the best chance of thriving in your landscape.

Some plants require full sunshine to do well, whereas others can get by just fine with only an hour or two of sunlight each day. The same is true for water. Some plants will do well in a wet area, while others will be quickly drowned out. Read more at The Mountaineer…

If you follow these principles, you can be sure your landscape design will be a winner. Everything will be set in the right place and the final look will be most satisfying.

Are you looking for experts in landscape design in Pembroke Pines who can transform your yard into the perfect space for comfort and relaxation? Look no further than EPS Landscaping and Tree Services. Our ultimate joy is seeing your home become better than you imagined. Give us the chance to put a smile on your face; call us today!