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Pool Landscaping Ideas for Your Pompano Beach Home

Are you looking for a perfect beachside grill spot in Pompano Beach, Florida? Seaside Restaurant is the place you’ve been looking for. This restaurant offers quality service and food that you will live to remember. It’s the perfect example of an entertainment spot next to the waters.

You should try having one next to your pool. The beauty of pools is that you have a central feature that you are working from. Below are three tips that will make your yard so much more attractive.

Create an entertainment space

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You can do so much with your pool apart from swimming. Yes, you can create a unique entertainment area. As others swim, you can just relax and have a good time with friends. You should prioritize putting up a separate area near the pool to entertain yourself.

Pool areas aren’t just for swimming and sunbathing – they’re also for entertaining. Design areas to host guests, whether that’s an outdoor dining room or an inviting fire pit surrounded by comfy outdoor seating ideas.

‘When my clients don’t have a proper pool house, I love to dress up the patio as an extension of the living spaces,’ says designer Isabella Ladd. ‘You can always create a space for lounging and entertaining as long as you zone the patio to flow easily and naturally and add plenty of seating and tables for drinks and bites.

‘Choose materials graded for outdoor use and use melamine or plastic when it comes to plates and cups as there are plenty of fantastic options in the marketplace today.’Read more from Gardeningetc…

Put up LED lights around your pool

water feature

For your safety and for making your pool stand out at night, consider adding LED lights to your pool area. LED lights are a fantastic budget option as you easily get some from Amazon. All you need to cater for is labor. The lights bring life and that extra glow to your pool yard.

When considering pool landscaping, smart outdoor lighting ideas certainly have their part to play. A well-planned lighting scheme can do wonders for your backyard pool and shouldn’t be an afterthought.

‘For small cascades and fountains, direct underwater spotlights onto the plinth of flowing water, or run a color-changing LED strip along the rill from which the water emerges,’ suggests Sally Storey, Lighting Director at John Cullen.

An impressive backyard pool is hugely enhanced when illuminated at night. Underwater lights can be halogen, LED or fibre optic, but they must be encased in waterproof, IP-rated fixtures.

Alternatively, solar garden lighting ideas, such as bulbs hidden in between evergreens or in containers create a soft glow. Read more from Homes and Gardens…

Let nature enhance your pool’s privacy

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A common concern for many homeowners is the privacy of their pool. You don’t want someone snooping around you, right? Here’s a tip for you. You can use plants to spice up your yard and give that extra layer of protection at the same time. Bamboos are a super exciting option.

While you can always install a wood or vinyl fence around the pool for privacy, why not go for a green option that gets the job done with nature’s beauty?

Make use of trees, plants and shrubs for all-natural privacy walls. This way, you can strike a balance between the need for privacy and pool landscaping.

Best of all, planting trees in just the areas where you need some privacy is a low-cost alternative to installing fences. Win-win! Read more from Today’s Homeowner….

So don’t let your yard look dull. For landscape design, pool landscaping tips, and services you can reach out to EPS Landscaping & Tree Service. We are in Florida for you. Call us today!