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Pool Landscaping May Just Be The Makeover Your Home Needs

Coral Springs is an amazing city in Broward County. You’re unlikely to miss the fun outdoor recreational spots within the area. Moreover, the sandy beaches and natural sights are sure to leave you breathless. There is hardly any artificial beautification that can replace nature. That’s why as you consider a makeover for your swimming pool at home, using natural features is the way to go. This post will look at your options for pool landscaping.

Natural Plants

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Have you been wondering what you can do to make your backyard pool more appealing? You’d do well to do your homework and learn what your options are. Here are some tips on the plants you might want to consider:

Tropical plants – like hibiscus and canna – offer appealing color to any backyard area. Meanwhile, cacti and shrubs will deliver a delightful assortment of scents you can enjoy as you lounge by the pool. These tropical plants are a great idea due to their vibrant color and light fragrances. These two important characteristics help tropical plants keep curious animals – like squirrels and chipmunks – from damaging these plants by acting as a repellent of sorts. Furthermore, plants like potted citronella grass and mint have a strong scent and will protect children from annoying mosquitos since they act as natural mosquito repellents. Additionally, all these vibrant plants can help create a beautiful, diverse garden that both your family and friends can enjoy all season long! Read more at Shoreline Pools…

With plants like these, you get to improve your pool’s aesthetic appeal while making your home greener.

Ideas For Any Pool Size

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If you have a small pool, you can work around some details to make it look bigger and more luxurious. If yours is big, you can also get creative with the features around it:

Layering plants is a perfect technique for when you want to soften your landscape. A plant oasis also adds a romantic aspect to any poolside. Having a mix of tropical plants and flowers spilling over gives you your own oasis. This poolside landscape is great for smaller pools. All the plants will make it seem bigger and more luxurious…

Seamless Transition
When your pool transitions into your lawn with ease, it creates ultimate relaxation. It makes for a sleek, modern look for your backyard, and you can still get the most out of your pool. This design is great for those with larger pools, as it keeps the space open. Read more at Earth Development Inc…

You could also consider some features like a rocky waterfall to make your pool look natural. Alternatively, a fountain might do the trick for you.

Hardscaping Pool Features

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You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that some of the features you love on your front yard might work well for your pool too.

Think walkways are only for front entrances? Think again: laying some gorgeous stones between your deck and your pool area is like rolling out a red carpet for your outdoor space. A backyard walkway can effortlessly link two halves of the same garden together for a natural, harmonious look and feel.

Popular choices include a playful trail of individual stones, a flagstone-inspired design, and faux-wood options that blend the longevity of concrete with the rustic simplicity of grainy wood…

For the minimalist at heart, large patio slabs can create a spa-like vibe for your backyard pool. You can choose a single shade for the entire pool area, or create a zen-like pattern using complementary colours. No matter if you go with smooth, slate, classic concrete, or a statement textured slab, you’ll end up with an outdoor hardscape that radiates calm, quiet, and relaxation. Read more at Techo-Bloc…

Do you have an idea for your pool area that you want to implement? Are you looking for the best company to work with to give your pool a makeover?

The crew at EPS Landscaping & Tree Services is ready to transform your pool. We will see to it that your pool looks its best. Moreover, we will listen to you and incorporate your ideas for the best pool landscaping.