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Three Factors To Consider Before Planting Trees In Your Fort Lauderdale Yard

Fort Lauderdale is a true getaway from the noise and rush of the city. It is found on the north of Port Everglades and boasts a well maintained beachfront. This is also where you get to enjoy the wonderful amphibious tour of quaint Las Olas Boulevard. It’s also home to the historic districts that include well-preserved vintage-themed homes with a classic touch of the 1900s.

Trees are an important feature worth adding to your Fort Lauderdale home. They help to create a serene home atmosphere, not to mention allowing you to enjoy some much-needed fresh air. However, before you begin your project, consider some of these factors as you plant trees in your yard:

Factor #1: Purpose of the trees


Before you plant that tree, you may need to visualize what you want to achieve. This end goal will help you pick the trees you want for your home. A homeowner who wants to beautify the yard will have a different plan from one who’s looking to build a garden. The latter may end up getting fruit trees while the former would look for more aesthetic trees.

There are many different reasons for planting trees; almost as many reasons as there are types of trees. For instance, some trees are going to be better at providing shade than others, some trees are going to provide edible food, and some trees just look really nice. If you would like fruit but you plant a pine tree because it looks nice, then you’re obviously going to be disappointed. On the other hand, if you don’t want to deal with picking fruit every year then you’ll want a purely ornamental tree of some kind. Read more from Sunbeam…

A mixed theme for your front yard may also be possible if you add various species and types of trees. You could also plant trees that serve various purposes depending on the season. Taking the time to do your research will go a long way in ensuring you identify the trees that best serve your needs.

Factor #2: The size of your yard

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Knowing how much space you have in your front yard will help you achieve the perfect look. Similarly, you need to be aware of how the tree will look once it is fully grown. Ideally, your yard should neither be too crowded nor too deserted.

While the saplings in the nursery look small, one day they could easily dwarf your home, depending on the species. Take a look around to make sure that there’s plenty of room for the branches to stretch outward. Keep in mind that trees are not one-size-fits-all. Each tree species has different spacing requirements.”  Read more from Birds and Blooms…

Having a small yard should also not discourage you from planting trees. You should be able to find just the right trees for your space.

Factor #3: The maintenance required

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Achieving the maximum beauty of already planted trees is impossible without proper maintenance. This is important to keep your yard beautiful and inviting. You should therefore choose your trees depending on your ability to maintain them and the frequency involved.

Some trees require more clean up and tidying than others. For instance, the branches of weeping willows need to be trimmed annually to stay off the ground, and cottonwood trees release flurries of snowy white fluff-covered seeds. Read more from MSN…

For a hands-on person, a high maintenance tree may be just what you need to keep you engaged. In contrast, if your busy life doesn’t leave much time for frequent tree maintenance, it might help to go for trees that require less attention. But even this shouldn’t limit your options, because you can get professional tree services as and when needed.

Are you looking to spice up your yard in Fort Lauderdale? Get in touch with the highly experienced tree service professionals at EPS Landscaping & Tree Service. We are here to make your tree care journey one you’ll love. Call us today!