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The Benefits of Permeable Pavers in Pembroke Pines

Have you been to the famous Hugh Taylor Birch State Park? Gifted to the people of Florida by Hugh Taylor Birch, this park is a perfect weekend picnic for your family. This little haven is great for a quiet walk or for a fishing experience with your friends or family, especially a father and son hangout.

It has paved sections for cycling and rollerblading. You can never exhaust the activities you could here. And talking about paved sections, what have you been using for your pavers as part of your home’s landscaping? Have you considered permeable pavers? These world-class pavers are excellent for areas with drainage issues and even for homeowners who want to mix pavements and plants. Here are some of their benefits:

 1. Fast installation

The Benefits of Permeable Pavers in Pembroke Pines

When you are constructing your pavement you want products that are durable, take less time to install, and are not costly. These are three characteristics that define permeable concrete. Asphalt and concrete take a long time to dry and need a lot of labor and equipment to lay. But here’s the best part about permeable pavers:

With all that heavy equipment and labor-intensive work, you could find yourself paying quite a lot in comparison to the permeable paver installation.

Permeable pavers require only a basic excavation and installation process that can be completed in as little as one day. There’s no need to wait for materials to dry and no extended wait-times.

A basic excavation of about 8 to10 inches is required before a thin filter fabric is laid at the bottom of the lot to keep a separation between the underlying soil and base rock. Gravel, generally clean washed aggregate, is then used to fill the excavated area. Then, the permeable pavers are snapped into place like LEGO blocks over the top of the gravel, and more aggregate is poured into and compressed into the pavers. That’s the entire process. If there is no detention needed the process is even faster. Read more from Bim Smith…

2. Can help in temperature regulation

The Benefits of Permeable Pavers in Pembroke Pines

Pavements have been found to have higher temperatures than the air temperature. Meaning that in an area full of them they can greatly increase the temperature of the area. In an area where permeable pavements exist, by the fact that they allow water through them, they easily cool off.

Furthermore, in urban areas, permeable pavers can play an essential role in reducing the urban heat island effect. In some densely populated urban areas (known all too appropriately as concrete jungles), the abundance of paved surfaces leads to higher temperatures than surrounding suburban and rural areas. In cities with populations over one million people, temperatures can be up to 5.4°F warmer during the day than surrounding areas. Permeable pavers that allow for vegetation can absorb some of that heat instead of reflecting it into the surrounding urban environment. Read more from BuildWithRise…

3. Help reduce runoff water

retaining wall

Permeable pavers are also called previous pavers. They allow for water to run off into the soil, unlike normal pavers. This greatly helps with runoff water as it doesn’t just become water on the run looking for somewhere to drain. This greatly helps plants in the area and sewer management systems that take the beating during rainy seasons. They also prevent soil erosion.

Pervious pavements reduce stormwater runoff and contamination and recharge groundwater supplies. This stormwater management technique helps water and air circulate to plant root systems when infiltrating into the ground. Pervious pavements can also melt snow and ice faster, requiring less salt on the pavement. Read more from Penndot…

If you’re looking to install some quality pavers don’t let these ones pass you, if you live in Fort Lauderdale. At EPS Landscaping and Tree services, we are willing to help you install them. Call us today and we’ll be more than happy to tell you more about them.