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Palm Tree Trimming: The Best Time, Tools And Risks Associated With It

Hollywood Florida has one of the best boardwalks in the world. The boardwalk stretches nearly 2.5 miles along the shores. The brick walkway attracts walkers, runners, rollerbladers, bikers, and scooters from all over Florida and America at large.

What you won’t miss next to this boardwalk is the tall standing palm trees of Florida that act as a reminder that you are indeed at the beach. But have you ever wondered how palm trees are trimmed and the risk associated with the same? Below are a few things you can learn about the risks and the tips you should know about this process.

What is the best time to trim palm trees?

Palm Tree Trimming: The Best Time, Tools And Risks Associated With It

When trimming your palm trees, you want to do it in the time when it is easy for them to recover and even have better glory days. The best time is spring time as the trees get easy access to moist soil, humid air and at the same time plenty of sunshine. The other good thing about waiting for spring is that the dead fonds will act as a shield for the healthy ones during the harsh winter weather.

Technically, you can trim your palm tree any time or season of the year. However, if you want your palm tree to enjoy the best health, you should trim them in the summer season, such as late spring. Keep in mind that you should not trim them mid-summer as it will be challenging for them to recover and thrive.

Trimming in spring allows the palm tree to recover and grow beautifully. That is because palm trees thrive in weather where there is humid air, moist soil, and a lot of sun. So, they will grow back even stronger than before once you trim them in late spring. Read more from Off The Mrkt…

What tools do I need to properly prune palm trees?

Palm Tree Trimming: The Best Time, Tools And Risks Associated With It

A good workman knows that without his tools, his work is severely impacted. Palm trees present a challenging task because they do not have branches that can support the climb. Climbing with spikes is also not an option as it causes damage to the trees. But even with these challenges, the work can still be done. Here are the tools you need:

Proper palm pruning tools include: gloves, eye protection, pruning shears, loppers, telescoping pole saw, ladder, rubbing alcohol, bleach, or other comparable disinfectants to clean tools before and after use to avoid spreading pathogens and disease between plants. Tree trimming services should use ladders or a bucket truck rather than climbing with spiked shoes that damage the trunks and invite pests, pathogens, and diseases. Ask others who prune your palm trees to disinfect their tools and don’t allow them to climb them with spiked shoes. Read more from Earth Works…

What risks are associated with palm tree trimming?

Palm Tree Trimming: The Best Time, Tools And Risks Associated With It

Tree trimming is not for the faint-hearted especially those who fear heights. In the last decade, palm trees have suffocated many trimmers and this happens when collapsing fonds fall on them. Palm trees also have thorns or spikes on them that can easily injure you when trimming them.

Given the heights of palm trees and the heaviness of their fronds, trimming palm trees can be risky business. Add to those challenges the weight of equipment such as saws and the limitations of ladders.

“It all comes down to what they’re comfortable doing, what their time is worth and what the risk is worth. Some of the palms have thorns on them, so there’s always the chance of getting stuck a bit. I’ve been to ER once, and I’m a pro,” Gragg said.

“When they get too tall, unless you’re really adventurous and risk averse, you should be hiring a professional.”

To pick a professional, he recommended seeing which trees in your neighborhood are well tended and find out who is doing the work.

Some people use spikes to climb palms, which Gragg said can be acquired from professional horticulture suppliers. He does not recommend them. Read more from The Orange County Register…

Palm tree trimming is not a task for the weak, it requires a strong heart and a strategic mind. EPS Landscaping & Tree Service has both, as well as the equipment that makes the work even way safer. Reach out to us today and get world-class palm tree trimming services!