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Common Mistakes To Avoid During Sod Installation In Dania Beach

Did you know that Dania Beach was the first incorporated city in Broward County in 1904? Even so, it began to grow in significance when the railroad was built in the 1880s. As a result of this development, several people moved into the area. After the incorporation of the town, the 35 residents who were Danish by descent, renamed the city Dania. That’s how the name “Dania” was adopted. This migration of Danes that led to the renaming of the city is quite similar to what happens during sod installation.

Many homeowners choose to beautify their yards by transplanting grass and installing it into their property. This process is called sod installation. Now, sod is simply grass and a small part of the soil beneath it held together by the root system or in some cases by a thin layer of biodegradable material. This is mostly done for the purpose of beautification. What are some mistakes to avoid when laying sod?

1. When sod is delivered before the ground is ready

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It is easy to make the mistake of thinking that you can have the sod delivered some days before for you to have it around as you do the preparations on your yard. But for sod, it needs to be transplanted as soon as possible since its shelf life is 24 hours, to prevent the grass from dying. It is recommended to have the ground ready before having the sod delivered to you.

Sod does not have a good shelf life so it must be installed rather quickly after it is harvested. This varies between a couple hours and a couple days depending on the type of sod. Many consumers purchase sod in rolls. This sod will continue to try to grow and the heat that develops during this process may kill the entire roll of sod from the inside out. Turf companies generally do not guarantee sod that is not installed within a day as it is a living and perishable item. It is vital that you install the sod immediately to prevent it from drying out and decomposing. Be prepared before the sod is delivered so that you do not run into any problems. Turf companies typically charge per square foot or by the pallet so it is important that you measure the space appropriately. Read more from Davis Landscape…

2. Failure to prepare the yard

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The secret to having a perfect lawn lies in the soil preparation. Consider these two, ‘homeowner A’ who takes sod and just places it on his current ground, yes there isn’t grass but there are rocks and weeds popping out. Then there’s ‘homeowner B’ who takes time to dig out the weeds, fertilize the soil, level it out, and water it. Which lawn do you think will be more successful? Your guess is right, Homeowner B.

Similarly, you should prepare the yard for sod installation before the delivery. That way, you can install it as soon as the palette of sod arrives. However, don’t try to install sod over a yard you haven’t prepared just to keep the sod rolls from decomposing. Your sod won’t thrive if you haven’t prepared the yard for the installation.

That preparation includes the removal of all old grass or plants. The turfgrass roots can’t gain a foothold in the soil if they have to grow past existing plant life. You also need to gently loosen the soil you’ve exposed and rake it. Lightly water the soil enough so that it’s not powdery but not so much that it’s muddy — the water should penetrate about 1 ½ inch.  Read more from Novasack Turf Farm…

3. Leaving sod in the sun for a long time

Common Mistakes To Avoid During Sod Installation In Dania Beach

This mistake is a sure compliment to mistake number 1. After buying your turf you should remember that its shelf life is 24 hours, and if it’s summertime, it’s half of that, twelve hours.

If installing a large area of turf, periodically wet sod you’ve already laid.  Think about the day the sod you’ve laid has had.  It was ripped from its home soil, windblown on a trailer en route to your site, laid onto a warm, bare soil surface and is currently baking in the sun waiting on you to finish laying the rest.  That’s stressful and a good way to have a crispy brown patch in the new lawn!  Ease the sod’s stress by periodically wetting as you lay it. It’s also not a bad idea to lightly moisten the site prior to laying the new sod. Avoid making it muddy. Read more from IFAS Extension…

You should avoid watering the ground to the extent that it becomes muddy. Too much water could lead to the grass rotting away.

Clearly, this is a delicate process. For you to have the best results, you need to work with the experts. If you’re looking for the best sod installation company in Dania Beach, then consider EPS Landscaping and Tree services company. We are here to give you the best customer experience, giving you the landscape of your dreams. Call us today!