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These Tips Will Help You Maximize Your Retaining Walls in Hallandale Beach

There are several reasons people absolutely love Hallandale Beach. One of them is how it is characteristically close to other beaches and towns. That means that a visit to Hallandale Beach gives you several options. You’re not likely to exhaust them when you visit this lovely holiday destination. Just to give you a feel of what Hallandale offers, you can start off your exploration at South City Beach Park. Here, there’s sufficient parking, playing space for children, and other fun amenities that are easily accessible.

That’s an example of a place that offers you several premium services in one package. Do you know what else you can do to reap multiple benefits? Plan your yard’s retaining wall project strategically. Here’s how you can do this:

Understand a Retaining Wall

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There’s no way to maximize the use of your retaining wall if you don’t know it well enough. So, what is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is a wall meant to hold back earth on one side, thus keeping the ground at different levels on either side of the wall. It retains the soil behind it, thus the name.

Retaining walls are used all over the world for an incredible number of purposes. They’re used along roadways, especially through hilly terrain. They’re used for agriculture, like the iconic rice terraces seen across Asia. They’re used along urban coastlines, where they’re known as seawalls…

Why would someone want to re-shape their property?

Often, it’s to increase the usable space. If your house is built on a steep hill, you may find that you have no room for a patio. A retaining wall can level off a section of the property so you can fit a patio or a pool or another structure.

Another function of retaining walls is to control drainage and erosion. Read more at Square One

Basically, a retaining wall is the missing link that helps to make the uneven ground level. However, to achieve these goals, good planning is necessary.

Considerations for a Retaining Wall

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No one wants to build a dysfunctional retaining wall, is there? So, here are some things to think through before you build it.

What Size?

The prime consideration is how long and tall the retaining wall is going to be. That’ll determine the quantity of materials you need for the project. With that said, a 3-foot (or less) retaining wall made with interlocking masonry blocks is the easiest to build.

Will Your Wall Hold Up Under Scrutiny?

You also need to make sure that the retaining block wall you’re planning to build is up to code, as you don’t want the city to ask you to redo all that hard work over a minor infraction — and maybe even slap you with a fine to drive the point home…

Form Over Function?

Lastly, if you’re building a retaining wall in an area of your yard more for show than soil preservation, go ahead and follow our guide while letting your creativity flow. Read more at HomeServe

Even as you look at the nitty-gritty details, this shouldn’t suck your creative energies. There’s a lot you can do with your retaining walls

Be Creative

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It will take a delicate balance to ensure you are both creative and meeting the standards of building. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Tip #5 – Think Outside the Box

While most retaining walls are straight, a great design idea is to think “outside the box” and create some curving lines in your structure. To mark the area for proper digging and construction, use a garden hose as a guide and spray paint along the grass or dirt to mark the area that you want the retaining wall to be built. Make other shapes, such as creating corners, half circles, angles and other interesting designs. Read more at JJ Materials

This is the difference between a retaining wall built for agricultural purposes and one for landscaping purposes. There has to be a touch of creativity for the retaining wall in your yard.

Are you completely blank when it comes to retaining walls? Worry not, the EPS Landscaping and Tree Service team is here for you. We know what it takes to bring out the best in your yard using retaining walls. Call us today to begin the plans to transform your yard.