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Smart Tips For Taking Care Of Mature Trees In Deerfield Beach

Initially, Deerfield Beach was simply called Deerfield. The first people who lived here were farmers. They grew crops like green beans, squash, and tomatoes. They also practiced fishing in the Intracoastal Waterway. Later on, in 1939, the town was renamed Deerfield Beach so that tourists could be aware of the presence of a beach. As a tourist, you’ll enjoy visiting this city.

Have you been a resident of Deerfield Beach for a long time? Or have you acquired a home with mature trees in the yard? This post will give you tips on how to take care of them. Before that, let’s see why mature trees are so important to us.

Benefits of Mature Trees

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Many people agree that trees are beneficial to us. However, not all are aware of the specific benefits that come with mature trees. What are some of them?

Mature trees are a key part of our urban forest. They provide us with many benefits, including lower energy consumption, improvements in air quality, carbon sequestering, stormwater runoff reduction, as well as many social and economical benefits.

Bigger and older trees are better able to provide these benefits, which is why it’s important to maintain a healthy urban forest and keep large, mature trees in the landscape for as long as it is safe to do so. Read more at Baum Tree Care…

So if your yard has mature trees, you’re in for some great benefits. On the other hand, if you are just planting your trees, you can guarantee that they will survive to maturity through proper care.

Crown Thinning for Mature Trees

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So you have big trees around your home and you feel that they could do with some care. Crown thinning is one way to get a total yard makeover without losing that natural look. Here’s how:

Why Crown Thin a tree?
The intent is to improve a tree’s structure and form while making life uncomfortable for tree pests.

Stems with narrow, V-shaped angles of attachment often form included bark and should be selected for removal first. (We leave branches with strong U-shaped angles of attachment). The included bark forms a bark wedge when two stems grow at sharp angles to one another. These ingrown wedges prevent strong attachment of stems often causing a crack at the point below where the branches meet. Removing one or more of the stems will allow the other stem(s) to take over. Read more at Heritage Arboriculture…

Clearly, crown thinning will help make a mature tree healthier, and it will also look much better than it did before.

Benefits of Crown Thinning Mature Trees

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Apart from the aesthetic benefits of crown thinning, there is a lot more you stand to gain from this tree service.

Let in the light
A hardwood tree can get mighty bushy over time, especially one with strong, healthy growth. But it can get crowded, too. When leaves, stems, and branches start to compete with one another for light and nutrients, some of the branches need to be removed.

Once the remaining branches have a chance to grow without being overcrowded, they are healthier, and the whole tree will benefit from strong growth.

Protection from wind
When an overgrown tree is hit by a hard wind, instead of blowing through the branches, the wind can knock the whole tree over. The opportunity to right it and have the tree live is very low, and worse when the tree is large or well-established. Also, a large tree can do an enormous amount of damage to the grounds and nearby structures.

Remove damage
An overgrown tree can become a refuge for insects and disease. Crown thinning gives us an opportunity to cut out branches which have evidence of insect or disease damage. We will also cut out the deadwood, and damaged branches injured as the result of drooping into oncoming traffic or other situations. Read more at Chuck’s Tree Services…

Crown thinning is a sure way to keep your yard in perfect condition. Your trees will not only look great, but they will be stronger too.

Crown thinning is one among many tree services you will receive from professional arborists. For the best tree services in Deerfield Beach, get in touch with EPS Landscaping and Tree Service. We’ll guarantee your yard is in perfect shape and your mature trees live as long as possible. Call us today!