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3 Tips That Will Make Your Residential Pool Landscape Glow

After a long year of the pandemic, life seems to be getting back to normal. COVID is being handled well and the Fourth of July holiday finally allowed Americans out of their homes. How did you celebrate yours?

In Hallandale Beach, the usual parades and fireworks shows were observed. But nothing beats a barbeque at home next to the pool with friends all around. If you’ve never hosted, here’s how to make your pool area landscaping perfect for hosting:

Do proper research on poolside plants

3 Tips That Will Make Your Residential Pool Landscape Glow

In business, it’s called doing your due diligence. Don’t just rush through, take some time. Consult landscaping professionals. Ask a neighbor. Google it too. Do all you can to make sure your garden gets the best.

Before making an impulsive trip to the nursery for whatever strikes your fancy and fits into your greater vision of how your swimming pool area should do, do some research. For example, beware of plants that shed. Those fruit and flower-bearing trees and shrubs may be beauties, but they make a big mess when their leaves, needles, fruits, flowers, nuts or catkins fall in and around your pool. Fruit and flowers equal extra work for the pool cleaner—either you or the person you hire. Read more from The Spruce…

Consider placing sand near the pool

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Sand comes in handy when you want to create a beach-like environment for your pool area. This works as a good play area for kids, they can build castles and mountains with the sand. All this at home with mummy and daddy keeping an eye on them is a good idea. However, you’ll need to consider what it’ll take to ensure the pool doesn’t become messy.

Contractors often use sand to backfill swimming pools, but in certain conditions, it can cause issues such as wall bulges if it gets too wet. If you have soil that retains a lot of water, you might want to consider gravel or another alternative for backfilling.

If you want to use sand around your pool for decoration, just keep in mind that adding sand to your soil can make it uninhabitable for some plants. It can also get messy inside the pool and out. Unless you really have your heart set on a beach-like pool setting, using sand probably isn’t worth the trouble. Read more from Lawn Starter…

Be careful about grass near the pool

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You will obviously need a place to hang out with friends. And grass is perfect for any yard. But when it comes to a pool area try and keep it a distance from the pool. You can put ornamental grass but remember you will need to up your game when it comes to maintenance.

While planting grass around the pool may seem like a terrific idea, in theory, doing so can still cause damage to the pool, which slowly erodes its beautiful aesthetic. Grass will also call for constant upkeep, causing grass clippings to slip into the pool’s water. Nonetheless, some ornamental grasses don’t need routine maintenance since they don’t shed as much. These grass selections may include lemongrass and feather grass, which capture a refreshing look without the need for constant upkeep. Read more from Shoreline Pools…

Preparing your pool landscape isn’t a hard thing especially when you have a professional hand. This is why EPS Landscaping has experts on call for you when you have a landscaping need. Try us today and you will love it.