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3 Legal Terms You Will Encounter As You Landscape in Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach is a perfect holiday destination, and for short stays, it offers you perfection. But as a resident what would your experience be like? Here’s what a resident of over a decade had to say on

“I like Hallandale Beach’s calm atmosphere. It makes me feel as though I’m always on vacation. It is a safe city; I have lived here for 12 years and have not had any issues in terms of safety. The city’s population is very diverse and you meet many people from different cultures.”

Many others say they like the new buildings coming up making the city have a modern feel. While for others it’s the many shops and restaurants. But generally, all seem to agree that the city is an excellent place to live in.

But as you live here, what are some of the things you need to know when it comes to landscaping and the legal requirements? Here are three common terms you should be aware of:

Building Permits

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Every local area has guidelines instructing construction procedures. To ensure that your landscaping construction or repair work will comply with standards, you need to get a building permit before beginning construction. You deliver your construction plans to the local authority and after approval that your work adheres to the standards you are given a permit to go ahead.

A building permit is an approval by a local governmental agency that certifies that work was performed to a certain standard. Because it is styled as a permit (that is, a permission), it needs to be obtained before the work begins. After the work has been completed satisfactorily, the permit is closed out and approved.

Building permits are valid for a set amount of time. Once a building permit has been granted, you do not have an unlimited amount of time to start and complete the work. Usually, you need to start within six months or a year. Projects usually need to be completed within a year or 18 months. Read more from The Spruce…

Building Codes

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Governments use laws to protect the citizenry and such laws include the building code. How the building code works is that there is a list of standards that contractors must adhere to when doing construction. They include what kind of foundations to use and in Florida, they include hurricane-resistant standards.

To achieve the minimum standards of safety and welfare of residents of a building, the governing body defines a set of guidelines to regulate the construction activities termed building codes.

A building code is a set of rules to regulate the construction activities across the country. The building code includes basic building requirements coupled with administrative regulations. As per definition, the building code is a set of local laws relating to how buildings should be designed or built, especially keeping in mind the safe and quality aspects of the final product. Read more from 99Acres…

So the goal is not to make construction expensive but to make it safe and to protect citizens from contractors seeking shortcuts.


Tree Service

Have you ever looked at power lines and wondered who owns the land on which they are laid?

An Easement is a right for a person to use land owned by another. As with the example above, you might own the land but the power company has an easement to use your land to lay poles on it. So yes, the land title is with you, but the other party has the legal right to use it.

You know that strip of land between the sidewalk and the curb in front of your house? That is called an easement. Depending on where you live and the zoning in your area, there may be other easements on your property as well. Basically, an easement gives someone land use rights for land that does not belong to them. For example, that strip of land between the sidewalk and the curb is most likely your responsibility as far as maintenance goes, but a utility company can come in and dig it up any time to repair or install lines. Read more from Install It Direct…

As you do your landscaping work you will encounter these terms and you should seek a contractor that understands them and abides by them. At EPS Landscaping, we adhere to all guidelines and help our clients understand what is at stake. So don’t let your commercial landscaping work fall into the wrong hands, call us today!