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Lawn Pest Control Is Critical For a Healthy Lawn In Pembroke Pines

Those who have gone for a vacation in Pembroke Pines can attest to how it is the perfect holiday destination. Whether you are a couple or are going with your family, there is something for everyone. You could visit parks like the famous C.B. Smith Park for outdoor fun during the warm and sunny days. Alternatively, do you prefer to go out for a tantalizing vegetarian meal? You can’t miss a memorable experience at the Village Tavern Pembroke Pines. These are just a few of the features that make Pembroke Pines a unique place to visit.

Lawn Pest Control Is Critical For a Healthy Lawn In Pembroke Pines

The place is not short of natural beauty either. The climatic conditions are a perfect recipe for natural vegetation to thrive. However, they are also conducive for lawn pests that can be detrimental to residential property. What are lawn pests and what risks do they pose to your property?

Chinch Bugs. Tiny and black with an hour-glass shape, it’s hard to notice these surface feeders, but look closely on a hot day and you may see a large group of them scurrying around. Not only do they feed on grass sap, but they inject saliva into the blades causing widespread damage if not controlled. Dethatch your lawn to limit their hiding places and use preventative methods of pest control.

Sod Webworms. Tiny wheat-colored moths may be flying around while you mow your lawn. This is usually an indication their larvae are feeding on your grass at night. You may not notice a problem until the grass goes dormant under drought or heat stress.

Billbugs. After spending the winter in leaf litter along the edge of lawns, they return in spring to lay their eggs in the grass. The newly hatched grubs feast on grass, eventually killing it. Read more at Cardinal Lawns

Clearly, you do not want any bugs in your yard. These silent killers are sure to destroy your yard. The good news is that you can do something about it- get proper lawn care.

sprinkler system installation

Did you know that proper lawn maintenance is a viable method of controlling lawn pests? This is a preventive method that may help keep the bugs at bay. Here’s how to go about it:

No system of preventing lawn insect pests is foolproof, but a healthy, well-maintained lawn isn’t as likely to attract insects as a neglected lawn. Follow these guidelines to help your lawn thrive:

Water deeply but infrequently. Let the sprinkler run slowly as long as the water is sinking in rather than running off.

Sprinkle grass seed in thin areas in spring and fall.

Use a grass species known to grow well in your area. A local nursery can help you choose a good species for your area.

Follow the instructions on your lawn fertilizer bag or the advice of a lawn care specialist to make sure that you apply enough fertilizer at the appropriate times. Read more at Gardening Know How

Another way to prevent the thriving of lawn pests is by aerating the lawn on a regular basis. Additionally, ensuring that your lawn mowing doesn’t cut more than a third of the grass blade length. This will keep your lawn looking and feeling healthy.


Even so, you still need to invest in pest treatment for your lawn. This may be both for prevention or to deal with any potential threats.

As our seasons change so does the attack of different harmful insects because different insects become more active at different times of the year. To the average homeowner, some lawn browning might be confused and treated as a lawn insect when the browning is damage from a fast-growing disease.

So why not help your lawn become gorgeous, healthy and lush? It really doesn’t take much to turn your yard into the envy of the neighborhood. Yes, you can try to diagnose the difference between chinch bugs and lawn fungus. And yes, you can run to the local big box store to buy different “do-it-yourself” products and then apply these products. But what if you’re not correctly diagnosing or treating your lawn’s needs? What if you’re not saving that much money compared to having an educated and trained lawn care specialist to give your lawn the extra care it needs. Read more at Coastal Irrigation Plumbing

Unless you are an expert in matters concerning lawn pests, you are better off consulting the experts. This will help you to avoid any unnecessary issues, track them early enough and eradicate them in time.

Are you looking for a lawn pest control service provider in Pembroke Pines? Talk to us here at EPS Landscaping & Tree Services. We have the skills and expertise needed to turn your lawn into a beautiful haven. Call us today to book an appointment.