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What You Need To Know About Lawn Fertilization in Hollywood

The phrase spicing up brings to mind the thought of making something tasty, interesting, or exciting. When Joseph Young wanted to get more people to buy land in Hollywood Florida, he had some serious incentives to spice things up for them. They were given free accommodation and entertainment. Maybe something to show them how life could be once they lived there.

For many homeowners, when their lawns start dying, they want to spice things up. They want to bring things back to life. So how do they do this? Many use fertilizers. But many ask, are they safe to use? Can I start using them on my lawn? Read below to find out:

Why should I apply lawn fertilizer?

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Grass lawns mean different things for different owners. But one thing is constant; all owners want a green yard. No matter the country or corner of the earth you’re on. To achieve this, you’ll need to do more than just water your grass. You also need to ensure the soil is nutritious. Many people act as if this happens by chance, but it doesn’t.

However, the sad reality is that your lawn will not remain green for all seasons without you having to put some considerable work into it. The beautiful lawns you see around you are a product of relentless dedication and proper care. For instance, applying the correct fertilizer can play a significant part in a lawn’s appearance.

Grass draws its nutrients from the soil, so you have to first take great care of your soil. The best way to ensure that your soil is healthy and nutrient-rich is by applying organic fertilizers. By using natural lawn fertilizers in the form of liquid compost, you boost the micro-organisms and microbes in the soil. Grass gets its nutrients from these two compounds. When you take care of your soil, the soil takes care of your grass. The end result? You get an awesome lawn during all seasons of the year. Read more from SoilsAlive…

When should I apply fertilizer to my lawn?

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Simon Sinek wrote a famous book called Start With Why. Starting with why helps you know “what” to do and how to do it. In other words, you need to understand why you should use fertilizer and the best time to do it. This actually depends a lot on where you are growing the lawn. But the most common answer will be before your grass gets into the peak season.

Homeowners who prefer organic fertilizing methods might do a single “turf-builder” application in the early fall to build root systems. In the spring and summer, most may omit all fertilizers and rely on the nitrogen from mulched grass clippings to feed their lawn.

Homeowners using traditional fertilizer might want to apply two or three light applications per growing year—one in the spring, one at midsummer in regions where it is necessary, and one “turf-builder” application in the early fall.

The actual timing depends on your region and the type of turf grasses you have. Read more from The Spruce…

When should I water my lawn after fertilization?

What You Need To Know About Lawn Fertilization in Hollywood

It is unsettling to think that watering your plants could wash away all the fertilizers you applied to save your lawn. So how should the two work hand in hand? Your plants won’t survive on the fertilizer alone. They will need water. Enough water will help to dissolve the fertilizer. Too much water may wash it away and render the work done useless.

Most fertilizers must be “watered in” in order to begin to absorb into the roots of the grass. This is especially important with granulated fertilizer. Without being watered in, fertilizer granules will just sit on top of the soil surface and dissolve into the soil slowly. In many cases this may not be enough to boost growth very well, if at all.

After you fertilize, water the grass lightly to help dissolve and activate the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements in the fertilizer that will promote healthy lawn growth. You should water so the fertilizer and soil become thoroughly moist, but not so the water begins to form puddles or wash away the nutrients. The actual amount of water needed will depend on temperature and the moistness of the soil. Read more from Hunker…

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