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What Does Lawn Care Mean For You in Coral Springs?

A manicured lawn appeals to everyone. You’ll hardly fail to notice a lush and green yard in Coral Springs. The opposite is true for untidy yards. You are likely to frown upon the homeowner wondering why they neglect their home. This contrast goes to show that even in Coral Springs, some effort is put into bringing out the beauty of nature. Contrary to its name, Coral Springs, FL is not padded with natural springs everywhere. They are only found in the northern and southern parts of the city.

In the same way, if you want to have a beautiful lawn, you’ll need to invest in lawn care.

What Is Lawn Care?

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“Caring for the lawn” is the simple silly answer to this question. Even so, what does it really entail? Is it just about watering your lawn? Is it just about mowing it? Well, there’s a lot more that goes into lawn care as the post below describes:

Lawn Care
Is the proper maintenance of yards and other green spaces where grass, trees, and living plants grow. Total lawn care incorporates such treatments as weed control, lawn fertilizing, and core aeration for complete yard care. Read more at Spring Green

A lot goes into ensuring your lawn is in good health. So it makes sense to engage the experts for professional advice and services.

Is Lawn Care The Same as Lawn Maintenance?

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When it comes to caring for your yard, it is critical to be clear about the common terms used. The following post separates lawn care from maintenance:

Although lawn care and lawn maintenance both focus on improving the look of your lawn, they are considerably different. A lawn care program is designed to improve the overall health of your soil and lawn. It includes services such as pest control and soil testing to make sure your lawn’s turf and soil are healthy and disease-free. This helps to promote a lush, green lawn without the use of toxic chemicals.

Lawn maintenance, on the other hand, includes services such as removing debris and leaves, edging borders, mowing grass, and spring and fall cleanup. A lawn maintenance service can be beneficial when planning new landscaping projects or as routine maintenance to improve the look and feel of your lawn. Read more at Royal Landscapes

So, lawn care targets the unseen parts of your lawn while lawn maintenance targets the visible sections of your lawn.

Is Lawn Care Similar To Landscaping?

Hardscaping and landscape design in Hallandale Beach by EPS Landscaping & Tree Service

To be honest, the terminologies around the services that enhance your yard’s look are many. For a first-timer, they can even be overwhelming. So, does landscaping also play a part in your lawn? Find out in this post:

Lawn care generally refers to maintaining the health, color and vitality of existing lawns through the years. Some services that fall under lawn care are pest control, weed control, fertilization, soil testing, aeration, seeding, deep root feeding for trees and shrubs and irrigation. Landscaping services are much more complex, transforming outdoor spaces through design, construction, and planting. Man-made features, along with plants, create peaceful, outdoor environments. After properties are prepared for landscaping, hardscape elements are installed. These include decks, walkways, lighting, patios, stone walls, fire pits, waterfalls, pool areas, and more. Plants provide the finishing touches to landscape construction projects and garden designs. They may include privacy hedges, foundational plantings, perennial gardens, trees, shrubs, and more. As a homeowner, you will need regular lawn care and lawn maintenance in addition to landscaping services. Read more at Borst Landscape

Landscaping covers more than the lawn. It touches on both the living and non-living features of your home’s outdoor spaces.

All these services are necessary for your yard to be in its best shape. As we have seen, you’ll get the best results when you work with the experts. As a Broward County resident, you can rely on EPS Landscaping and Tree Service for all your lawn care needs. Call us today!